Monday, March 7, 2011

Second Amendment Truth

“The Congress of the United States possesses no power to regulate or interfere with domestic concerns of any state, it belongs to them to establish any rule respecting the rights of property, nor will the Constitution permit any prohibition of arms to the people, or peaceful assemblies by them for whatever purposes, and in any number they may see the occasion”.

And of course we know during our lifetimes the Congress is not adhering to this rule of the Constitution, The 14th Amendment snake in the grass has created their illusion of power. As if this rule above were not enough, the framers listed below their deepest convictions on the subject of arms, people, and law by adding their voices to the archives of history to support the right of the people to bear arms at any place and in any manner without constraint. (See the Origin of the Second Amendment; A Documentary history of the Bill of Rights 1787-1792-David E. Young-1991)

Samuel Evans;

” The Constitution shall never be construed to prevent the people of the United States of America from keeping and bearing arms.”

Zacharia Johnson;

” The people are not to be deprived of their weapons. They are to be left in full possession of them…”

Fisher Ames;

” The rights of conscience, of bearing arms, of changing governments are declared to be inherent in the people.”

Thomas Cooley hits on this second amendment well, he was a giant of a man when it came to the Constitution. He wrote a great book known as “The General Principles of Constitutional Law in America, I happen to own a copy myself, his work was released in 1880. Mr. Cooley makes it very clear that the right to keep and bear arms is a right above the reach of all government, local, county, state, and federal, and that right cannot be infringed upon under any color of or pretext whatsoever. And furthermore I say myself including a foreign power allowed into our nation to subvert our heritage under the guise of environment repair.

Judge Cooley made the Second Amendment a matter of very serious and grave concern and he warned that no government agency at whatever level can pass ex post facto laws or bills of attainder, in fact all communist gun control ” laws “ fall under these prohibitions. In fact not one code of law is valid in this nation, they are over powered by our founding documents, and the test of proper Constitutional instruction and research bares this truth out in full.

The damaging fraudulent pretexts of many villains in our American history do not hold water, The worst of them was Thomas J. Dodd D-CT who used our tax dollars against us when he had the Library of Congress translate the 30 year old Nazi German ” gun control act” law into English. Only four months after this request Congress passed the Gun Control Act of 1968- GCA-1968, Dodd being the principle author and sponsor, and this act is identical to Hitlers gun control of Germany in the 1930s..

Many other villains against liberty have attacked the Second Amendment prior to Dodd’s time and post Dodd era, like Lautenberg, Schumer, Feinstein, Boxer, Lieberman, Brady, Kennedy, Even McCain, Ginsburg, and Obama..OBAMA HAS A VOTING RECORD in Illinois which proves his stance on the second, and he is attempting to damage the right to reload our own ammunition right now, and this man is just waiting the opportunity to start banning all types of guns….All and more have attempted to restrict the rights of law abiding citizens to keep and bear arms, but my friends those lies fall flat in the face of Storeys pronouncement;

” The Second Amendment like most other provisions of the Constitution has a history. It was adopted with some modifications from the English Bill of Rights of 1688 where it stood as a protest against arbitrary action of the overturned dynasty in disarming the people, a pledge of the new ruler that this tyrannical action should cease. The right is GENERAL (that is not subject to restrictions-me) and the meaning of the provision undoubtedly is, that the people from whom the militia must be taken, shall have the right to keep and bear arms, and they need no permission or regulation of law for that purpose.”

The Dick Act is a prohibition upon government making laws that attempt to abridge the right to keep and bear arms and to carry them everywhere.

John Marshall, the third Chief Justice of the Supreme Court ruled that a power sought (in this instance gun control) has to be in the Constitution already, or it has to be expressly implied or in pursuance of a power already stated in the Constitution, or the power cannot be taken and the bill falls to the ground. This ruling alone, makes all gun control laws anywhere in the United States of America null and void, as there is no reference anywhere in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights that would allow government at any level, local, county, state, or federal to abridge the rights of the people to bear arms at all times, or to bear arms anywhere. (Excepting in the case of unjustified violence to innocents of or by a mad man which our common laws covered as harm had been done to one man by another and justice then could be served via jury).

There is no such thing as “federal gun law”. This fact comes through loud and clear if a detailed in-depth study of the Annals of Congress, Congressional Globes, and Congressional Records is undertaken. The Congressional Record, House 28, 1904 pages 3898–3906, quoting Judge Cooley’s Constitutional Limitations;

” In the American system the power to establish the ordinary regulations of the police has been left with the states and cannot be taken away from them, neither wholly or in part, and exercised under legislation. Neither can the national government or any of its departments or officers assume any supervision of the police regulations of the states.”

” This power to make municipal (state) regulations for the restraint and punishment of crime, for the health and preservation of health and morals of her citizens has never been surrendered by the states nor restrained by the Constitution.”

This landmark case is a formidable restraint upon the Federal Government and tells it that it cannot pass laws or attempt to enforce laws in the states effecting the Tenth Amendment, and it is expressly implied that the Federal Government and its officers cannot interfere with the Second Amendment right of citizens to keep and bear arms at any place and at any time. The Federal Government and its agents are in violation of the Supreme law of this nation, our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, which should be a separate Document from the Federal Constitution, and they are in violation of the Declaration of Independence.

Not only do they misconstrue the Second Amendment, they ignore all the powers delegated to the federal government which are found in article 1, section 8, Clauses 1–8, and as for the matters of gun control in any way shape or form and under any disguise whatever are not in these delegated powers, the Second Amendment cannot be overridden by the president, the house and the senate, not now, not at anytime. They can only continue to break the law and violate their oaths of office.

Senator Sam Ervin, cited in the Congressional Record, Senate, pages 3297-3304;

” I would paraphrase that remark I made before by saying that when laws like these are passed by members of the Congress, they are grossly subservient to pressure groups which demand passage of such laws as the price of their support for these members of Congress.”

As you can see the sell out and misspending of tax funds is severe in Washington D.C. by this comment Mr. Ervin made. Of course we all know it in our hearts, this betrayal knows no depth, no bounds..It is treason, and the foul fruits of this deception are yet to be suffered onto the American people..

Now American gun owners have suffered many court trials as of late, The Heller being the most recent Supreme Court Case, which has damaged the Second Amendment,(Read it for yourselves it is plain to see in the wording of that decision.) And then we have the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit (Nordyke v. King) attempting to call this Second Amendment a collective privilege under the ” protection” of the 14th red amendment, you should be realizing this is all a fraud, a dog and pony show to deceive Americans even more.. I say no, I am not tricked by this treachery.

Nor can judges read their predilections into the Constitution, as was attempted by Justice McReynolds. the Ninth Amendment was written to prevent this type of conduct by judges. Another amendment being suffocated by the red 14th amendment..never ratified mind you, I challenge any and all legal minds to produce the original ratification documents of July, 28, 1868, and see that three fourths of the states in fact did not correctly ratify this red 14th Amendment..Just as the 16th and 17th Amendments fail the test of proper ratification themselves, and this writer has those very documents in evidence as proof…

In a Court of law and integrity the truth then allowed to be shown in it’s entirety would prove the 14th Amendment for what it is, and unratified fraud..And that fraud cannot protect my rights or yours reader, and it never has, prior to this fraud 14th amendment Americans Citizens were living under the protections of their Sovereign States, as sovereign national de-jure citizens, Free men. The 14th Amendment changed this, it made all persons born in the United States (excluding the Indian nations) citizens of the united states first and citizens of a state secondly. This reversed the original American citizenship. Freedom was stolen with this coup d’ etat in the very first sentence of the 1868 14th Amendment…

“All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. “

Of course the 14th goes on to portray federal protections of citizens rights from the states doing citizens unjust legal harm, this is a lie because the states Constitutions mirrored the federal Constitution prior to 1792 when the states insisted the federal Constitution and those famous 10 Amendments be added to the federal document, to protect states Sovereignty and citizens Sovereignty from the federal government…protection usurped by the 1868 – 14th Amendment..

We continually see the federal government abuse Americans rights across this nation, ignoring the 10th amendment and running roughshod over citizens in the states with tyrannical insanity,( See the wolf re-introduction program, and notice states citizens did not vote on that subject) someone please explain to me how the 14th incorporating the 2nd Amendment is going to protect us gun owners…The fact is it will not do so.. We do not have NATURAL RIGHTS under the 14th Amendment ! CIVIL RIGHTS are granted to us as PRIVILEGE ! Privilege’s can be taken away…Private property can be stolen at will by the feds under the powers granted THEM by the 1868 - 14th Amendment for a federal dictator.

Guns in fact are private property and as such, guns were specifically excluded from the Interstate Commerce measure by the Founding Fathers.

Third Chief Justice John Marshall wrote ;

“When the U.S. Constitution is silent on any proposed power under the delegated powers of Congress ( Article 1, Section 8, C1. 1-18) and the proposed power is incidental to another power already in the Constitution, then it is a prohibition (inhibition) of that power and it may not be taken or used.”

This ruins all gun control lies, laws, deceptions, of any credibility, makes them, no forces them to be null and void, ultra-vires and not anything more than wasted paper and ink period.

As well the fifth Amendment to the Bill of Rights, article 5, comes into the prohibition of gun control laws;

“……nor be deprived of life and PROPERTY, ” and as we have already stated, guns are PRIVATE PROPERTY…. Read it and flinch you communists !!!

Professor Joyce J. Malcolm ;

” The Second Amendment was meant to accomplish two distinct goals, each perceived crucial as to the maintenance of liberty. First, it was meant to guarantee an individual’s right to have arms for self defense and self preservation. Such an individual right was a legacy of the English Bill of Rights ( broadened in scope in America from the English antecedent.) The second clause concerning the militia was not amended to limit ownership of arms to the militia…but rather to express the preference for a militia over a standing army.” From her book- To Keep and Bear Arms.

Standing military under the government control has nothing to do with the Second Amendment, In fact the founders warned against a standing army, the militia is YOU, and ME…Only we can defend liberty, or give it up..

The American Revolutionary Battle for Liberty and Justice was no war, and it is still ongoing today, it never ended…Unsuppressed History proves my case…Remember, Kings, Tyrants, Oligarch’s, Priests, Princes and thieves all lie and suppress truth to fit their own ends, not ours…not humanity’s..

This Federal government has shown it can not manage our money, our lands, our borders, our wild animals, how then can it manage my personal security ? The fact is it cannot and never intends to do so…The theft of a nation by foreign interests continues under the auspices of 1868 – 14th Amendment “Liberty “…..

The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution is a Natural Right which means it is a personal right to defend oneself, the oldest right known to mankind, traced as far back historically as 872 A.D. As to the Roman Civil Judiciary which via a convenient European fomented Civil War and presidential assassination this legal take over by those foreign scoundrels has taken illegal residence in this nation since 1868, July 28th to be exact..They continue to try to put their own interpretations into it by twisting and violating the 9th Amendment, and most members of Congress, with some notable exceptions do not know the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, and they fail miserably when it comes to our States individual Constitutions as well..

Other than to recite the articles and clauses when necessary to put on their big show these Lawyers fail the test of Constitutional savvy. I think and many Constitutionalists believe our nations leaders who are supposed to be our nations guardians should be required five years minimum of Constitutional schooling, The populace should have been required to be schooled in this legal information as well, since after all it is a contract to maintain their own Liberty, but unfortunately in the last 100 years it is safe to say the majority of these law students received one semester of Constitutional instruction at best and for that matter our Universities do not teach the proper definitions of the Document themselves. It is a sad state of affairs and it shows..And the people this famous document defends are ignorant to it’s meaning, and take for granted strangers will guard it for them, these people are in for a huge let down soon..

The late Senator Ervin was the only one who could confirm our list of personal rights, which are the rights government can never take from us through any Congressional or Court actions, period..Now days our populace waits around for these bumbling bunch of fools and their Court’s to decide the definitions of Rights, which were decided and defined many decades ago, and we only need to read them ourselves to learn the truth..

Mankind is in error when they decide to trust strangers to decipher Scripture and law for them, instead of staying abreast of those documents themselves, this was not the case in the days of the 1800s, people had time to read then, and stay sharp in these lessons of Liberty, law, and natural Rights from God..

Today we have trained intellectuals who think their superior in intelligence compared to those people of history, Great books and works of ancient letters of the 1700s-1800s, and even early 1900s do not bare this out to be true.. How then do the most educated of our two centuries lose their own nation and stare in bewilderment and confusion as to the cause… History may even show scholars in the future that these people in latter day America surrendered their guns to a small group of liars and con men via fear..

It seems highly unlikely to me that these brave modern day intellectuals of the 1940′s to present have been aware of the Dick Act of 1902. Perhaps even as early as 1934 when we had an attack on the Second Amendment as well. Regardless of that communist relic and attempt to disarm Americans in direct violation of the Dick Act then and today because this Act still stands tall, right beside the Second Amendment.

Not only is Government and Congress along with the Courts in violation of the Dick Act, as well they violate The 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and Article 1, Section 9, Part 3 of the U.S. Constitution itself..

The federal government is one of delegated powers and not original powers, and the primary powers of congress are found in Article 1, Section 8, Clauses 1-18. Interfering with personal rights, among them the right to keep and bear arms is not found in the sole or delegated powers of the federal government, and incidentally, nor in the Constitution of the several states, local, county, and any other legislative bodies are bound by these restraints.

The secondary powers of the Senate are meant to be housekeeping powers and nowhere in the Constitution is the Congress authorized to tamper with our personal unalienable rights as Sovereign De-Jure Nationals which their in servitude to, and neither are they to tamper with the Second Amendment Right to keep and bare arms..nor the right to be well supplied in that endeavor.

Of course these Congressmen and Senators think we are weak minded out here in the nation and are unaware of those fraudulent contracts they have helped the banking institutions trick us into them the upper hand over us and our rights, by natural rights nullification upon signature..I beg to differ because any educated citizen knows those contracts are based on fraud..

And contracts based on fraud fail in the court of justice as well as their attempts to re-define our first 10 Amendments fail in that court of justice as well..we just need a few brave good men to stand and insist those courts listen and stop accepting the bribe..After all once Liberty falls, where will these rich Judges spend their wealth ? These men in black robes will learn about treachery themselves one fine day…They have been used.

Those first 10 Amendments are not privileges, They are Rights, and the Second Amendment Right is there to safeguard them all. Against Courts, Congressmen, Senators, gone bad..This second Amendment is not addressed to States, it is Addressed to We the People ( Capitals intended) , the sovereigns residing in the sovereign states;

“The Right of the PEOPLE…” The same language is used in the 4th Amendment. In fact the entire Bill of Rights is addressed to the people.. People means Citizen and citizen means people, That is you and me reader, citizens of the States, not the federal government and the 10th Amendment makes the distinction between the people and the federal government very clearly;

” The powers not delegated to the United States (singular) by the Constitution are reserved to the States (Plural) respectively or to the People.”

One of the less famous Founders of this effort towards Freedom, Liberty, and unalienable Rights was George Tucker, veteran of the battle for independence ( I say battle because the war for Independence did not end, and is far from over). George was a professor of law at William and Mary, a judge of the Virginia Court, and a champion of the entrenched Second Amendment Rights of the People to keep and bear arms, Mr. Tucker makes the issue crystal clear in his work, ” Blackstone’s Commentaries”;

” This may be considered the palladium of liberty—The right ( and again, note it is a right and not a privilege) of self defense is the first law of nature; in most governments it has been the study of the rulers to keep this right within its narrowest limits possible…A well regulated militia being necessary for the security of a free state, the right of the PEOPLE to keep and bear arms shall not be abridged. ” In those days well regulated meant well supplied. See the 1828 Websters Dictionary for clarification of that fact…

Did you notice this says, first the ” right of the PEOPLE ” and does not restrict that right to the militia only, and in any case, the militia is the whole PEOPLE..An attack on the Second Amendment is an attack on the whole Constitution. Clauses and amendments cannot be isolated like these communist gun grabbers time and again keep attempting to do, Villains have tried this to many times, and every single time We the people have stood up and clarified these true and factual definitions historically, We the people had better sit up and take note, their at it again, with Heller, and several other brazen attempts, like the recent U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit and this travesty of definitions portrayed in that false endeavor to protect a “Civil” Right under the false protections of the Roman Red 14th Amendment..Nordyke v. King.. To buy into these findings of this case is to be in error !

The master owns Civil 14th amendment rights not We the people, those are 14th amendment privileges and I say to the master begone with them, I’ll keep my natural rights and I’ll remain my own master.. Knowledge is power and the oligarch hates and educated man..In 1809 the great John Randolph said ;

” The PEOPLE (not the states, not the local government not the federal government) who will consent to remain unarmed while arms are put in the hands of a standing army governed by martial law are ripe for a master.”

Randolph makes it crystal clear that our right, the PEOPLES right is vested in We the PEOPLE and we are responsible to keep this right, not courts, not Congress, not foolish University Trained by the master holding his license A-Turn-ee’s who would sell us out either deliberately or by error. What we have today, are courts, local boards, local and county governments and their officers who are attempting to insert clauses of their own making between the 1st and 9th Amendments, and this is very much the case with gun-grabbers who try to twist and squeeze the Constitution to fit their predilections, forbidden mind you by the 9th Amendment.

The unratified unconstitutional, null and void, red 14th amendment attempted to rob the states of property rights and other States rights, but the 14th (even if it was a part of the Constitution, which it isn’t) did not try to abridge the right of citizens to keep and bear arms, nor does it say that guns come under interstate commerce.

The great John Marshall, our third Chief Justice of the Supreme Court must be turning in his grave at the antics of local boards, counties, States, and federal government attempts to abridge the Right of We the PEOPLE to keep and bear arms, and of the attempts of the Red Americans using their red 14th amendment to nullify the original 10 Amendments of our authority over them ! Our public servants have turned on us ! As well they are using the treatise known as the U.N Charter and the environmental holocaust against freedom included with their illegal ESA contracts, all subtle subversions via the unratified 17th amendment, oh these red Europeans and their red American friends are very clever indeed..They fooled most of us but not all of us !

It is time we stood up and told them we have had enough. We must tell them of their errors. Nor can they continue with these illegal restrictions whatever imposed on We the People any longer, as well the types of arms and munitions is ours to decide and to keep and bear. Please Mr. Red American would you point out in the Constitution those restraints as to the numbers and types of guns We People may possess are written, or expressly implied ? That would be quite and achievement, as it simply is not there !

The right to keep and bear arms vested in We, the People, goes back many centuries and existed in the thirteen colonies long before they came together as the United States of America, and it is very important to be aware of the fact that when the thirteen colonies came into this Union they retained their original states rights, and the personal rights which England attempted to abolish with the battle for liberty known as the American Revolution, one of which was the existing right prior to our Bill of Rights finalized in 1792, which was the right to keep and bear arms. This in itself creates a precedent of that right and out weighs legislation which came later..Paper and ink do not give men rights, God gave men rights and men must keep them, or lose them..Historically men always end up fighting to keep them with physical combat..

This debate over our rights and the establishment of the Bill of Rights was waged in Congress and the public for five long years before men finally grudgingly for many settled on the famous 10 amendments, protected by the second amendment. And ever since that day in the history of American politics certain political groups of European descent have been attempting to abolish those rights..just as their own ancestors did.

“….The Constitution shall never be construed to prevent the PEOPLE of the United States who are peaceable CITIZENS from keeping their arms.” Note that the legal definition “people” and “citizen” are interchangeable and mean the same thing. Other Founding Fathers who were no less aware of the European threat and staunchly fought to protect the Liberty of the people also included the following :

Patrick Henry said :

“Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect every man who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are ruined. The great object is that every man be armed, everyone who is able may have a gun.”

As you can see the singular, “MAN” is conclusive proof that it is an individual, personal right.

John Adams ;

“Arms in the hands of individual citizens may be used at individual discretion…in private self defense.”

If and U.S. soldier or Foreign U.N soldier attempts to murder you, then you must defend your own private self from this attack…or perish.

Thomas Jefferson :

“No free man shall ever be debarred from the use of arms—The Constitution of most of our states (and of our United States) assert that all power is inherent in the people, that they may exercise it by themselves; that it is their right and duty to be at all times armed…”

Why then reader do scoundrels attack this second amendment throughout history including and especially recent history, we can see that the Founding Fathers clearly clarified their intent and purpose not only of the Second Amendment but of the 1st through the 10th Amendment’s as well..Lets continue, as when it comes to proving my case I am ruthless and unforgiving, the time for forgiveness is past..We read…

George Mason;

” I ask you, sir, what is the Militia ? It is the whole people except for a few public officials. To disarm the people, that is the best and most effective way to enslave them.”

Zacharia Johnson;

” The people are not to be deprived of their weapons. They are left in full possession of them.”

Tenche Cox;

“….The unlimited power of the sword is not in the hands of the hands of either federal or state governments, but, where I trust in God it will ever remain, the hands of the people.”

Alexander Hamilton;

” The best we can hope for concerning the people is that they are properly armed.”

Fisher Ames;

” The rights of conscience, of bearing arms, of changing governments are declared to be inherent in the people.”

These men and many others were at the creation of this new government, our federal Constitution, our Bill of Rights, as well they were fully aware of the preceding states Constitutions, and their definitions of the Second Amendment rings loud and clear, new era definitions are nothing but attacks against the entire Bill of Rights, nothing more..I do not need further interpretation as to their intent..

” The Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, therefore, is a right of the individual citizen to privately possess and carry in a peaceful manner firearms and similar arms. Such an individual rights interpretation is in full accord with the history of the right to keep and bear arms previously discussed…It accurately reflects the majority of proposals that lead up to the Bill of Rights itself.” —1982 subcommittee on the Constitution of the United States Senate Judiciary Committee Report..” The Right To Keep And Bear Arms”…I believe it is mandatory reading for every person/citizen every gun owner, every government official, federal state or local, every anti gun idiot.

It is very clear that freemen, persons, citizens, have the absolute right to keep and bear arms, form a militia and for the militia to keep and bear arms also, the unorganized (unenrolled) militia being the largest; pages 1391 – 1396; appendix, Annals of Congress May 7, 1792 and the Dick Act of 1902. The very language of the Dick Act speaks of the “Right of the PEOPLE” and the 1st and 4th Amendments likewise, use the language ” THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE.” Capitals intended..

It is apparent by all the foolish court cases brought forth over the last century, those attorneys incorrect statements bringing incorrect rulings has inflicted some harm as those are being acted on by officials, (Warren Burger Case – Socialists like Civilleti and Katzenbach – The 1968 Hitlerian gun control act – The 1993 so-called crime bill – the more recent debates of right to carry at work, leave it in your trunk on corporate property – Heller, and this 9th circuit fiasco in California) obviously none of those buffoons have read the Dick Act of 1902 much less heard of it..Let alone studied Burger, Civilleti and Katzenbach and how those idiots chose to deliberately violate the Dick Act. Whether out of ignorance or by design, these individuals should have been impeached and tried for treason for violating their oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution..And politely hanged.

Furthermore the so-called unconstitutional gun control “laws” the one in the 1930s, the one in 1968, and the 1993 Clintonista treasonous disaster known as the “crime bill” and the thousands of impertinent state “laws” and local ordinances implementing “gun control” are all null and void and in violation of the Second Amendment – The Dick Act of 1902 – And Article 1, Section 9, part 3, of the U.S. Constitution…enough is just enough people !!

” No bill of attainder or expost facto laws shall be passed.” PERIOD ! And remember, no legislatures can purport to pass ordinances or laws that violate the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights. All such legislative acts have got to conform with the SUPREME LAW of the land…illegal code enforcement regardless…

The Dick Act passed by Congress on June 30, 1902, was written by Representative (General) Dick, and it is a very lengthy document from which I can only quote extracts from for this blog..Known as the “Efficiency of the Militia Act H.R. 11654,” The Dick Act makes all so-called “gun control” laws, the 1968 version-The Brady bill, Feinstien’s assault weapons” bill – the various Schumer bills, and the Lautenberg bill, null and void and of no force or effect, incumbent upon none. The Second Amendment combined with the Dick Act of 1902 makes all B.A.T.F. regulations pertaining to guns without legal substance, archaic, unconstitutional and incumbent on none..

Time to stand up Americans and take back that which has been stolen from you!!!

The Dick Act is the finest bit of legislation protecting the 2nd Amendment Rights of the citizens passed in the last century (1902) H.R. 11654 is one of the twin peaks upon which the Communist ” Gun Control” founders founder and fail to climb..The Dick Act confirms the existence of three types of militia; the regular army; the Organized Militia; known as the national guard–and the unorganized militia. It is found in the Congressional Record, House pages 7706-7713, 321-352, 7594-7595, “Efficiency of the Militia” Bill H.R. 11654..

” Be it enacted that the militia shall consist of every able bodied male citizen, respective of the States, Territories, and the District of Colombia and every able-bodied male of foreign birth who has declared his intention to become a citizen, who is more than 18 and less than 45 years of age, shall be divided into three classes; organized militia, to be known as the national Guard of the State, Territory or District of Columbia, or by such other designations by the laws of the respective States or Territories, as may be given by the laws of the respective States or Territories, the national voluntary reserve as provided in this act, and the remainder to be known as the reserve militia.” Then to answer a question Rep Dick stated as follows ;

” If the gentleman refers to the unenrolled militia as it is now termed, there would be 10,000,000 of them..(today 80,000,000) Of the organized Militia, or the national guard, 115,000.”

How much clearer could that be..Clearly all men between the ages of 18 and 45 are the unenrolled (unorganized) militia with an absolute right to keep and bear arms under the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, The revised militia act of 1902 (Dick Act) is further proof of what the Founding Fathers intended the law of the land to be, and lets not forget our Creator giving all men the natural right to defend their life and liberty from attack ..first and foremost..against evil tyranny of any kind. The number of unenrolled or unorganized militia would be a very large body of citizens today, approximately 85,000,000 minimum, and 275,000,000 guns at their disposal. And not one so-called gun control “law” can deny the millions of citizens—by law the unenrolled (unorganized militia)—the right to keep and bear arms.

Federal “law” abridging this right is 100 percent unconstitutional, and the same applies to State law, and laws passed by any other legislative body at whatever level. And the citizens all come under the right to keep and bear arms as the Dick Act makes perfectly clear. The Militia Act and the revised Militia Act—The Dick Act, make perfectly plain that they go together to the citizen/people, the right to keep and bear arms for their own protection. For example, most States have wording similar to Constitution of the State of Idaho; Article 1 Section 11 ; First sentence;

” RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS. The PEOPLE have the right to keep and bear arms, which right shall NOT be abridged.” Last sentence ;

” Nor shall any law permit the confiscation of firearms, except those actually used in the commission of a felony.” Of course keep in mind police want to call most self defense actions a felony..If your house is surrounded by federal thugs acting in violation of the Constitution federal and state, and you fight to defend private property and life your committing a felony…according to the tyrants.. Never mind all the felonies they commit daily by violating the SUPREME LAW OF THIS NATION AND STATE our Constitutions..our Bill of Rights and Our Declaration of Independence…The City of Hailey Idaho recently proved trespassing dogs have more rights than a property owner does..shame on them..

In the foregoing is revealed how shallow, ill-informed and vacuous are the courts, city’s, and their police in upholding any type of “gun control” so-called “legislation.” In the first instance it is impertinence on the part of any local council, board, State legislature, and the Congress, to attempt to pass “laws” restricting the 2nd Amendment, as any such ” law” is not in consonance with, or pursuant to, or incidental to another power expressly implied, something already in the Constitution..

Chief Justice John Marshall said that unless the power sought complies with the foregoing constitutional requirements, it is a prohibition of such power (law, ordinance, code,etc..) Therefore ALL so-called “gun laws” are nullities, and not laws at all, and incumbent upon none to observe. No ordinance or law can be based on a violation of the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, and the Dick Act, and Article 1, Section 9, part 3 of the U.S. Constitution.

Neither local boards, State legislatures, the president, nor the Congress nor the Supreme Court nor the U.S. district courts, can exceed the delegated powers of the federal government, just because their doing it does not make it correct, their flat out in error and it is up to us the PEOPLE to correct this error..Nor can they add or subtract one comma from the delegated powers of the federal government given by the Constitution and Bill of Rights, which powers were granted by, We the PEOPLE. Any attempts to infringe on the right to bear arms vested in the people, is treason, sedition, appalling, malfeasance, sophistry and mendacity, and should be treated as such. Shame shame shame on you public servants for thumbing your nose to the very document which provides us all Liberty including yourselves..Shame on the fools, you walk freely into the cage for your masters and attempt to deliver us all into their bondage..shame on you..

To try and separate the right of We the People from the 2nd Amendment and say it is addressed solely to the states militia, or to attempt to imbed it into the civil privilege rights of the 14th Amendment is nothing but quackery, venal stupid absurdity, puerile, degrading, ingenious mendacity, and nefarious double -speak. What Heller did in D.C.s Supreme Court-The U.S. 9th Circuit in California and others have tried to do is separate the 2nd Amendment from the rest of the Constitution and this flat out cannot be done and better not be allowed to be done..

The Constitution is a document of perfect equipoise; trying to isolate the 2nd Amendment from the rest of the Constitution is an attack on the whole Constitution..The communists need to destroy the Constitution once and for all, they have been chipping away at it since prior to the Civil War, and the 1868 14th did white men no justice either. The 14th issue is large and needs addressed and I shall do so soon..

Justice Marshall further states that when a legislative body (including a city, town, or county council) goes outside the pale and the ken of the Constitution, its directives, ordinances, rules, regulations that purport to abridge the right of citizens to keep and bear arms, are null and void and no law at all, being mere hypotheses heaped upon hypotheses. Local governments cannot pass ordinances that violate the 2nd Amendment Rights belonging to We the People, that is our property our document not theirs, nor any other Amendment dealing with personal rights, and these rights are Biblical first and even date back to the Magna Carta..Get out of my gun cabinet you fools..!!!

No wonder Thomas Jefferson said, ” To consider the judges as the ultimate arbiters of all Constitutional questions is a very dangerous doctrine indeed, and one which would place us under the despotism of an oligarchy.”

One of the worst cases showing violations against the 2nd Amendment was carried out by a judge in the notorious unconstitutional Morton Grove case, research it yourselves. The list is endless and this fight is ages old…Their is only one reason to create gun control, and gun registration, and to twist legal facts and that is to enslave us folks..the communist wants us unarmed while he holds a gun himself…their looting us brazenly and wish to disarm us, the thieves lust for all that is ours, and they know to take the rest of it our arms must be taken soon.. The Court flurries you see over this gun issue are solely to steal your guns..They have been trying this for over 170 years, in fact the reason the trigger was tripped for liberty 235 years ago was due to King George wishing to confiscate our weapons…That's right, attempted gun confiscation started this episode of FREEDOM..Are we going to let gun confiscation end it ? There working towards that goal…The Snakes in the grass need rooted out now…

Having researched my rights, Biblical, Constitutionally and other wise I realize the Mountain of evidence which supports those rights is insurmountable by the enemy other than to build their own mountain while attempting to breach my rights-our rights as free peaceful citizens, That mountain they build, those communists is a mountain of lies..frauds and deceptions, their pail is littered with holes and will not carry water…I could easily provide more blogs supporting our rights and the right to bear arms specifically, the law journals and other writings are numerous..I often am amazed at the lowest dredges of society being in charge of government..and how they twist it to fit their own needs while ignoring ours…

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