Monday, October 19, 2009

By Craig Oxley

So lets turn our attention back to the planet Venus and the Venusian worship. If we look at the Starbucks logo below we see Venus worship on show. Notice first of all that the logo is not the usual square of the planet Saturn for a start. It's round! It's a circle and who do we find associated with the circle? Circe, the very goddess who gave us the word. Now from all descriptions of Circe she sounded like a Siren.

Remember what the word sir really means and thats, the West linked into the real name of the Pharoahs, being Sera. Notice this in the Sun God of Osiris. Remember that Circe is the daughter of the Sun. Anyhow the circle represents the female as the Yoni whilst also being the Root of Five. Why do you think they circle the five pointed star? Remember this also represents the Celestrial Constellation of Sirius if used with a blazing Five pointed star as found in Masonic temples.

We see in this logo the color green which is associated with the Planet Venus. Now Circe is the neice of Venus who is the daughter of the Moon (Isis). Remember that Isis was known further back as Nanna meaning the Illuminator. So now we see some connections. Notice the five pointed stars in the logo and how the goddess is pictured as some kind of mermaid. You'll notice the inner circle which could be classed as a male yod is coloured black which is associated to the planet Saturn and remember the ties of this with the Sun (Utu).

So now then we know that Isis is the figure of 56 whilst Water is the figure of 65 oh what a shock good old Water and Venus yet again. Don't forget that the Sun is the figure of 666 the Solar Phallic. Whats interesting is how the Egyptian God, Khepri is supposed to push the Sun across the Sky as this too is the figure of 666. This is where we get the ancient Egyptian symbolism of the Scarab Beatle and remember Tavistock Institute utilised this in the naming of the Pop band, The Beatles. Notice how 666 refers also to the Mazzaroth sign of Aquarius, the next sign we enter as we close this current Mazzaroth completely down and start a complete new one shortly. You should realise that the number 7 is also linked to Venus. We find that 28 is also Venusian lnked and 7 goes into this four times. 28 is the Ankh of Egypt or Holy which itself links to Venus's brother, the Sun.

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