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Symbolism of the American meatheads


By Craig Oxley
3rd December 2007

Now Folks take a look at this Brit-ish (covenant-man) Army logo below:

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What do you see? Well I see quite a lot and I will share it all with you. Basically I was looking through a health magazine today and came across that logo which stuck out like a sore thumb to myself. So okay lets go:

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First of all you'll notice the Cross made up by the Swords and these are a suit within the Gaelic Tarot system whilst also symbolise the Air. Now what is the meaning of this cross? Well it's quite simply when the Sun sets and impregnants the Earth. In other words it's Osiris and Gaea having sex. It's well known the links of the X to sexuality remember your porn movies with XXX for hardcore? Remember also that X has links to 10 via Roman numerols and TEN is linked to Akhenaton also known as Akhenaten.

So what do we see on this logo, right in the centre of the cross? Yes friends, it's the Shera (Lion) which is symbolism for the Sun with the Lion's maine being the rays of the Sun. You'll notice the Lion's phallic (Penis) area is close to the dead centre. Why isn't it smack on? Well you'll notice the Maltese Cross of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta right there perfectly in the centre. Does this shock us? Of course not! Now notice how the tail of the Lion spells a letter S and note how an S is a 3 but also a 6 (1+2+3) linking back to 'S'hera perhaps? I think so! You will notice 666 is symbolism for the Holy Crown. Holy comes from Helios(Sun). 666 also represents the Sun Phallic and is also linked to Venus.

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Now whats interesting is we're now dealing with Osiris and you'll see it contains sir which is what you become when your Knighted by the Guelph with the Sword haha. Take note of the Red of Horus but mostly linked to Mars and the Hyskos Bloodlines of Egypt. Sir is yet again a word for the Sun. Now lets look at the word 'word' and we see that if we add an 'S' we then get Sword as Jordan Maxwell has pointed out briefly we speaking (S)WORD(S). I will take it another level and inform you that the symbol we see below and throughout this entire thread is linked into words:

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We have eight spokes as talked about before in this thread but these spokes are the swords or words which eventually make up the circle being THE word. Remember how X also equals an eight when dealing in Venusian code. Haven't you ever made the connection that when you speak a word you've SPOKEn or SPOKE a word? A sword is a radius of a circle which is a spoke. You following me folks? You'll all see how the numerology of 'THE' via the English alphabet equals 33 (20+8+5). 33 is the highest degree the Sun rises to along with the amount of Vertebrae before the enlightening brain and of course the highest degree in the Scottish Rite. Now when dealing with these eight spokes we can come to a figure of 36 (1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8). Whats special about 36? Well when you Square the all important 6 you get 36. This actually gives you PERFECTION as you're dealing with a three dimensional cube. Now what does that remind you of?:

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Whats interesting is how FOX is actually 666. So we have the legendary propaganda lying news channel called Fox News and how appropriate it should link into all this. You will notice the black cube linked to the Planet Saturn and perfection. Notice how theres 6 hosts shown on the poster also. Now if we look at FOX in Pythagorean we see that the letters are all of the value of 6. We can also come to this conclusion via the Venusian system and of course the X is the cube itself.


- Adolfo Nicolas -

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