Wednesday, December 9, 2009

War is coming, Americans best get ready

We must realize that the Mulatto, alleged American President, Barry Davis Soetoro (alias “Barack Hussein Obama“) is a radical, left-wing, Socialist-Communist “Robin Hood,” a “take-from-the-Whites and give-to-the-Blacks/give-to-the-alien Roman Catholic Latino Invaders” Muslim pawn of Rome. Obama has ties to the arrogantly Black Supremacist, hatefully anti-White racist, “African-American” Nation of Islam cult leader, Louis Farrakhan—a co-conspirator in the FBI’s 1965 murder of Malcolm X. Both Blacks are controlled by Rome through high-level, Illuminized Freemasonry; both agitators are members of “the Craft.” Mulatto Obama attended Mulatto Jeremiah Wright’s hatefully racist, anti-White cult—operating under the guise of a “Christian church”—for 20 years. Barry also has no allegiance to his late White grandparents who raised him, but, as is the case with the vast majority of Mulattoes, fully sides against all Whites in general while aligning with all Blacks in general evidenced by his thieving, socially unjust, legislative policies, i.e., the Health Care Reform Bill and the Hate Crimes Bill.

The Mulatto is the perfect tool of Rome to be used against historic White Anglo-Saxon Protestant and Baptist Western Civilization. Way back in 1915 with the release of the silent film, The Birth of a Nation, author and White Freemason D. W. Griffith depicted his chief character of evil (panting after the White daughter of carpetbagger “Mr. Stoneman”) against the disenfranchised, ex-Confederate, Bible-believing Southern Whites to be—you guessed it—a Mulatto. Needless to say, “Brother Griffith” was foretelling of the Craft’s plot to impose Federal policies favoring Blacks culminating in the Order’s “Civil Rights Movement” birthed by Cardinal Spellman’s Jesuit John LaFarge who directed Black Freemason A. Philip Randolph. Federally-mandated Black favoritism would then, in time, result in cultural “Black Supremacy” by which “heretic” White Protestant culture in the Old South and “liberal” White Roman Catholic culture in the North and West would be destroyed. On its ruins would arise the Jesuit Order’s grand design for its “Holy Roman” 14th Amendment, Cartel-Corporate Fascist, Socialist-Communist American Empire—outraged Whites of every stripe, morphing into White Jesuit Fascism led at that time in 1915 by the Second Freemasonic Ku Klux Klan. White Jesuit Fascism would be aligned against its common enemy perceived to be all Blacks in general and all Jews in general whose treasonous Black and Jewish public spokesmen would be avowed socialist-communists—covertly loyal to Rome.

Thus, we know Barry Davis Obama’s true purpose. He has been placed into the “Oval Office of the Virgin Mary” in the West Wing to be the “boy” of his immediate White master, Vice President Joe Biden—formerly the most eloquent statesman in the U.S. Senate and Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Barry was groomed by Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor Zibignew Brzezinski for two years while attending Columbia University (now Columbia College) in New York City, from 1981-1983. It was there that he changed his legal name from Barry Soetoro to “Barack Hussein Obama,” then requesting of his White grandmother not to call him Barry, but “Barack.” His majors were “political science” and “international relations”—fitting prerequisites for his role designated by the Black Pope’s, Freemasonic American White Power Structure—then including the late Irish-American Roman Catholic Knight of Malta and co-conspirator in the Kennedy assassination—William F. Buckley, Jr., who had called for a Black U.S. president way back in the 1980s.

Once Barry Davis Obama graduated from Harvard Law School—a favorite institution for the Order’s future political cronies (including Fox News patriarchal commentator Bill O’Reilly)—he went to Chicago, ruled by the Jesuits from Loyola University overseeing the Archbishop of Chicago, Francis Cardinal George. Chicago, founded by French Jesuit Jacques Marquette, was also the stomping ground of his natural father, socialist-communist, hatefully anti-White racist, Frank Marshall Davis. Frank loved to exhibit his hatred for the White race by seducing White women—the ultimate expression of “equality” thereby enraging White men who still have a God-given allegiance to their own race. Frankie impregnated Barry’s White mother at the age of 18 in Honolulu, and to cover-up the sin (as Frankie had a White wife and several mulatto children), arrangements were made for Ann Dunham to be married to Barack Hussein Obama, Sr., a jet-Black Kenyan attending the University of Hawaii, at which both Barack, Sr., and Ann were attendees. The couple was married in 1961, moved to Kenya and there Barry was born that same year. The fact of Obama’s foreign birth rendering him ineligible to be a constitutionally-elected U.S. president has been suppressed by the Pope’s CFR-controlled press, both right-wing (Fox) and left wing (CNN/MSNBC).

All is now in place to impose the Black Pope’s centennial design of White Jesuit Roman Fascism on the “accursed heretic and liberal” peoples of North America—White and Black—condemned by the Pope’s Counter-Reformation Council of Trent (1545-1563). From Reagan to Bush, the infrastructure was put in place for the arrival of neo-Nazi White Jesuit Fascism. The only left-wing, socialist-communist to occupy the “Oval Office of the Virgin Mary” in Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor Martin Sheen’s “West Wing” White House was that darling of Jesuit Georgetown University mentored by Roman Catholic Georgetown Professor Carroll Quigley, President William Jefferson Clinton. Otherwise, from 1981 to 2009, the Radical “New Right” Republican Party financed early on by Knight of Malta J. Peter Grace—another co-conspirator in the Kennedy Assassination—dominated the capital for all but eight years! During this time, Reagan armed the Shia Muslims of Iraq and Iran while recognizing the Pope’s Sovereign State of Vatican City in 1984—for the first time in 117 years! Reagan then ended the Pope’s international political hoax and joke on all Middle Class Americans—”the Cold War.” Bush 41 would begin to create the controlled threat of Islam to the West by bringing millions of Muslims into the Empire settling in cites with high populations of Jews (New York City, Miami, Los Angeles) and historic White Protestants (St. Paul-Minneapolis). Bush would also use the FBI to attack the World Trade Center in 1993 using certain Muslims working for the Bureau—further inciting anti-Islamic fury. Having exchanged the false enemy of “Soviet-Communism” (financed by the U.S. since its inception in 1917) for the false enemy of modern day Islam (built by the U.S. since the founding of Freemasonic Ataturk’s Turkey in 1922 and extending to the founding of Freemasonic “Saudi” Arabia in 1932), the Vatican’s American-led Crusade, first against Shia Islam of Afghanistan, then Iraq, then Southern Lebanon (via the Israeli IDF) and then soon-to-be Iran, was put in motion. After eight years of Clinton, the Order was ready to begin the Crusade with Bush 43 overseeing the 911 demolition of the World Trade Center—blamed on Osama Bin Laden, a CIA asset and whose brother had been a business partner with the Bush Crime Family and the Carlyle Group for over 20 years.

At long last, the Black Pope had his Jesuit Fascist infrastructure in place (Department of “Romeland Insecurity,” the Patriot Act, Wall Street Cartel-Capitalist grand theft “Bailout” of 2008, Concentration Camps, etc.). The last and final manipulation of the historic White Middle Class into the “New Right” Jesuit Fascism was to be realized. Enter Barack Hussein Obama! This cretin of Rome is now being used by his White master, Joe Biden, to drive all Whites first to financial desperation. Unemployment is now at least 15% in the major cities and growing. More troops are being deployed to Afghanistan further robbing America of her vital military protectors. Obama has just made an unbelievable statement against the nation’s all-volunteer military—purposely inciting the armed forces against himself and his overt handlers.

And who are Obama’s open and visible handlers? why they are two prominent, Freemasonic Jews—White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and Senior Adviser David Axelrod as well as several other Jews connected to the Pope’s Council on Foreign Relations! Fox News is steadily blaming these two Jews for the socialist-communist, performance of Obama—never mentioning Biden whatsoever! Alternative pundits such as Texe Marrs are doing the same. The Order’s Pravda in Moscow is likening Obama to Lenin, stating America is now socialist-communist! Meanwhile the Order’s CIA loves every minute of Obama’s policies! Fox News loves every new outrage perpetrated by Obama! The Jew-hating, White Power Structure running this Empire since 1900 loves Obama and his unconscionable compromises with our historical enemies such as Communist Red China.

Meanwhile, the domestic terrorist events are on schedule to unfold. Another banking collapse is looming. Gun confiscation is in the wings, and race war is about to be incited—benefiting not the socialist-communists, but the socialist fascists! And when that day arrives, Obama will have served his purpose—of which design he is a willing party. A White Roman Catholic fascist military dictator will rule the Empire (someone like Army General David Petraeous or Admiral Michael Mullen) and the roundups will begin. The end of all White Protestant and Baptist constitutional liberty will be a foregone conclusion—along with six million resident Hebrew/Jewish/Israelites of North America.

In conclusion, we White Anglo-Saxon-Celtic-Slavic Protestant and Baptist, Reformation Av1611 Bible-believing men cannot fall into this trap. We must resolve that we will NEVER participate in the coming race war and subsequent Jesuit fascist military dictatorship now on the horizon. We must continue to advocate State Secession, to the end that we may break the temporal power of the Pope forced upon us from “Rome on the Potomac!” Once we secede we must then prepare for invasion as the Order’s minions will seek our destruction. But never, no never, must we ever fall into this trap now baited and ready to catch its prey—the historic White Protestants and Baptists who truly love the risen Lord Jesus Christ and are true, Bible-believing nationalists!

Semper Fi—always faithful—to the God and Father of the risen Lord Jesus Christ and the supreme law of the land, the Protestant Presbyterian Constitution and Baptist-Calvinist Bill of Rights!

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