Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Pope and his Temporal Power

The idol-worshipping Pope of Rome claims he has the right to rule every government of the world. The Jesuit Order enforces this right “by any means necessary,” for “the ends justify the means.” Today in America Pope Benedict XVI rules the government in Washington, D.C., the city rightly nicknamed “Rome on the Potomac.” Pope Benedict, subject to the oversight of Jesuit Superior General Adolfo Nicolas, directs the domestic and foreign policy of the American Empire through the Donald Wuerl, Archbishop of Washington, D.C., and Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York City. Archbishop Wuerl is overseen by the Jesuits of Georgetown University and Archbishop Dolan is overseen by the Jesuits of Fordham University. It is this papal apparatus that directs the policies of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Rockefeller-created Trilateral Commission. These “trusted third parties” then direct the domestic and foreign policies of every presidential administration—republican or democrat—from the vaginally-shaped “Oval Office” of the Virgin Mary in the “West Wing” of the Jesuit Andrew “White House.”

Mulatto Barry Davis Soetero Hussein Obama, the Muslim, Socialist-Communist and alleged President of the United States, is the front man. The real powerbroker behind the puppet is White Roman Catholic, Vice President Joe Biden. Biden has honorary degrees from two Jesuit universities: St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia and the University of Scranton, both institutions being in Pennsylvania. Every bill Obama signs is attended by his White master, Joe Biden. What Tumulty was to Wilson; what Bormann was to Hitler; what Poskrebyshev was to Stalin; what Tacchi-Venturi was to Mussolini; Biden is to Obama. This is the Pope’s Temporal Power structure now in effect in 14th Amendment America.

The following quote taken from the post below further sustains the above contention—that the Pope of Rome has the right to rule the world:

“Tell us we are Catholics first and Americans or Englishmen afterwards; of course we are. Tell us, in the conflict between the church and the civil government we take the side of the church; of course we do. Why, if the government of the United States were at war with the church, we would say tomorrow, to hell with the government of the United States; and if the church and all the governments of the world were at war, we would say, to hell with all the governments of the world. * * * Why is it that in this country where we have only seven per cent of the population, the Catholic church is so much feared? She is loved by all her children and feared by everybody. Why is it the Pope has such tremendous power? Why, the Pope is the ruler of the world. All the emperors, all the kings, all the princes, all the presidents of the world are as these altar boys of mine. The Pope is the ruler of the world.”

Source: The Western Watchman, a paper published in St. Louis by Father D. S. Phelan, June 27th, 1912.

“67. … the hand of God, who guides the course of history, has set down the Chair of His Vicar on earth, in this city of Rome which, from being the capital of the wonderful Roman Empire, was made by Him the capital of the whole world, because He made it the seat of a sovereignty which, since it extends beyond the confines of nations and states, embraces within itself all the peoples of the whole world. The very origin and divine nature of this sovereignty demands, the inviolable rights of conscience of millions of the faithful of the whole world demand that this sacred sovereignty must not be, neither must it ever appear to be, subject to any human authority or law whatsoever, even though that law be one which proclaims certain guaranties for the liberty of the Roman Pontiff.”

Source: Pope Pius XI, Encyclical Letter UBI ARCANO DEI CONSILIO (On the Peace of Christ in the Kingdom of Christ), December 23, 1922.


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  1. Well now, that's one hell of a hat. and one hell of mind underneath it - rule the world i am christ; oh that's not the right thing to be thinking there, pontifondler of children.

    repent and see god

    They have gone in unto themselves. I often wonder if they actually believe what they are doing and are trully in belief of themselves, not knowing it. Only because i'm naive.

    they are death incarnate lie upon lie and they get a cone head hat with rocks stuck to it. and a dingle-berry on top. sometimes i laugh at them and repent. justice comes to all.