Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Another Congressional Globe, who is our government ? The United Nations, or our elected ?

Carl B. Rix of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Lets have at another Con-Globe shall we ? Lets rock, we are Americans right ? I say it is time to kick some ass and take no prisoners in the war of information, you want proof reader, well your Congress can prove it to you. We the people of these United States control nothing, except your food choice for this evening, and that freedom is in dire danger of being lost soon to. Heck man, kinda hard to argue against Congressional Globes. Calling all Senators, calling all Senators, We the People are on to you and we do not like what you have done with our property, our Nation, our Liberty, and our minds. If I was you boys I would start running now, take your intelligencia agents with ya. This 300 million human tiger is sitting up and yawning and your IT. Take your banking pals too, the paper and ink is really boring about now fella’s. Your plans are a flop.

Lets get to it, and remember, vitriolic is good fer ya; The Globe;

I appear in favor of the Amendments. ( Not me, him.)

Congress is no longer bound by its Constitutional system of delegated powers. Its only test is under the obligatory power to promote human rights in these fields of endeavor; civil, political, economic, social, and cultural. These are found in articles 55 and 56 of the charter of the United Nations, a ratified and approved treaty. They are being promoted in all parts of the world by the United Nations.

Congress may now legislate as an uninhibited body with no shackles of delegated powers under the Constitution. Our entire system of a government of delegated powers of Congress has been changed to a system of undelegated powers without amendment by the people of the United States. ( Did we vote on this ? Uh, nope.)

The authority for these statements is found in a volume entitled Constitution of the United States of America, annotated, issued in 1953, prepared under the direction of the Judiciary Committee of the Senate of the United States and under the chairmanship of Pro. Edward S. Corwin of Princeton, aided by the legal staff of the library of Congress. This is the conclusion on page 427 of the annotations;

” In a word, the treaty power cannot purport to amend the Constitution by adding to the list of Congress, enumerated powers, but having acted, the consequence will often be that it has provided Congress with an opportunity to enact measures which, independently of a treaty, Congress could not pass, and the only question that can be raised as to such measures will be whether they are necessary and can be raised as to such measures for the carrying of the treaty in question into operation.” It will be noted that one of the principle cases cited is that of the migratory Bird case. ( A factual case over Congress having any jurisdiction over states management of wildlife, they do not, the F.W.S. via the E.S.A. is acting illegally).

These conclusions are those also of a committee of the New York State Bar Association, of which former Attorney General Mitchell and Mr. John W. Davis were prominent members.

Now, for some practical illustration of new-found powers under treaties of what Congress may do.

1. It may enact a comprehensive education bill, providing for the education in any state which does not provide it. In fact, it may take over all public education now provided by States and Municipalities. ( They needed you stupid).

2. It may enact a prohibition act without an amendment of the Constitution.

3. It may enact a uniform divorce act.

4. It may take over all social and welfare services rendered by or through the States or their agencies.

5. It may take over all commerce, all utility rates and service, all labor. ( It may bail out all Wall Street thieves and put it on us). This list may be multiplied extensively at your will.

The new test of Constitutionality will apply to all legislation by Congress since 1945, which deals with any of the five fields of endeavor. Any judge deciding on the validity of legislation must have two books before him–one, the Constitution of the United States, and the other, the Charter of the United Nations. If he does not find authority for the act in the Constitution, he will find it in the Charter. ( Foreign permission to violate the will of the people). That is the exact situation in which Justice Holmes found himself and other members of the Supreme Court when they decided the Migratory Bird case. The authority was not found in the Constitution, it was found in the treaty with great Britain. ( That's what got us wolves decimating our hooved ungulates, a foreign treaty, called agenda 21 of the U.N. Charter).

The question to be answered is this; Under which form of government do the people of the United States prefer to live ? Manifestly, we cannot operate under both.

Senators, the people of the United States have given up their sons; they have given up billions of their substance. They should not be the only Nation in the World to give up their form of government–the wonder of the world–to discharge their obligations to the people of the world. END of Congressional Globe.

The Bricken Amendment, which would have stopped this nonsense was not passed. This explains all the Constitutional violations we have witnessed Congress and Presidents doing since 1945. This is the tool along with the not-ratified 17th amendment which allows them to side step the Supreme Laws of this nation and do what ever they want, thus the bailouts that Congress has no right to do are being done, trying to save their paper and ink Empire, as well the environmental treatises with the United Nations, our real Parliament it would appear.

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