Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Let's get this democracy horse shit straight right now

Democracy, Socialism, Communism, are one and the same and always becomes authoritarian and oppressive in practice. Nevertheless, the THEORETICAL IDEOLOGY of communism implies that all people are equal, a faux-altruistic principle which is what attracts people to it in the first place. THAT'S THE CONSPIRACY. A palatable ideology which allows the powers that be to gain a toe hold on people, to control values, to manipulate society. The content of the ideology is irrelevant in practice, just so long as people believe it in theory, then a Stalinist regime, for instance, can come in, leverage society, and run things according to the strategic interests of the elite. The rest is propaganda and rhetoric

Miscegenation of the races is bad because it entails values which impinge upon the very judeo-christian bedrock of our freedoms. The Bible may not explicitly denounce this process in words, but anybody abiding by the maxims of the Bible can see with their own eyes how 'political correctness," "affirmative action," and other socialist public policies establish principals and values which displace biblical values, and Constitutional values. Black people and other minorities don't tend to see this, because socialist public policy panders to their earthly, self-interests.

Holding EQUALITY of the races and genders to be a value means that society becomes utlitarian in order to achieve the value of equality, because equality is not natural. If it were, we would not need contrived, socialist polices to achieve it. The ends justifies the means. THAT'S WHAT THE JESUITS WANT.

Miscegenation of the races necessitates utilitarianism to accommodate all the races, which calls for relativism, which dislodges god, which takes away freedom/ Again, that's what the Jesuits want. Democracy Socialism and Communism are about an authoritarianism wherefore your wealth is stolen illegally to benefit the collective (even if you are innocent). Communism is theft not true spiritual equality at all. Stealing wealth and stripping individual liberties (which is a definition of Communism) isn't about true equality at all, and the Jesuit's invented all three politicos to thwart Individual powers and gain power over humans and the world..

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