Saturday, January 23, 2010

Haiti: Full of Sin; Oppressed by Pope’s White Power Structure

“Be not deceived: God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” Galatians 6:7

Haiti is the Zimbabwe of the Western hemisphere. Like, Zimbabwe, Haiti is an all Black African Nation with only a handful of Whites seeking to live in what they consider to be their home nations by birth. Like, Zimbabwe, Haiti is full of sin against God and crime against man: it is rampant with theft, fornication, murder and sorcery. Like Zimbabwe, it was once prosperous when educated Whites and Jews were allowed to conduct business without fear of being robbed, raped and murdered by tribal, savage Blacks. Like Zimbabwe, and soon-to-be South Africa, Haiti has no farming base to feed its cities: Whites have no more influence in food production as they have been either killed out or driven out—therefore the African-Haitian Blacks are starving by the thousands. Like Zimbabwe, Haiti is begging from White peoples to send their monies and supplies by which to save the nation from certain death thereby indirectly admitting an innate inability to enjoy an organized infrastructure common to advanced civil societies without the aid of White nations—historically White Anglo-Saxon Protestant nations. As an aside, your editor finds it most intriguing that NOT ONE Black Nation of Africa is sending either aid or capital to Haiti after its massive earthquake that has killed at least 50,000 Blacks and rendered over one million homeless.

But to understand the plight of African Black Haitians, we must remember TWO criminal acts perpetrated by the Jesuit Order via its Enforcer, high-level, Illuminized Freemasonry overseeing the Pope’s International White Power Structure. The first act of infamy was the poisoning of Haiti’s national hero, Toussaint Louverture. A Roman Catholic and a Freemason, he led the Black slaves to overthrow White French Roman Catholic rule during the Jesuit Order’s anti-Papacy French Revolution. But posing a threat to the Order once the Napoleonic Wars would terminate, Haiti’s hero was arrested, sent to France, imprisoned in a dungeon and poisoned. And who was behind this perfidy? none other than the Emperor himself—Masonic Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor Roman Catholic Napoleon Bonaparte. This event should be on the mind of every Haitian. It should be common knowledge that the Jesuit Order, using its “Robespierre on Horseback,” gave the poison cup to the greatest Black leader in the history of the Caribbean.

The second great injustice against Haiti was imposed by the Black Hand of the Black Pope’s Central Intelligence Agency then directed by Jesuit Fordham-trained Knight of Malta William J. Casey. Francois “Papa Doc” Duvalier was the absolute dictator of Haiti, the creator of the feared and absolute secret police called the “Tonton Macoutes.” Ruling the nation with an iron fist, he expelled all Jesuits in February, 1964—Praise God! For this he suffered several CIA-backed coup d’etats and attempted assassinations, but Voodo-master Francois finally paid with his life when he died suddenly in 1971—another victim of the Order’s “poison cup.” Son Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” was overthrown in 1986 to be replaced four years later with Jesuit-trained Roman Catholic priest and CFR pick for Haiti, Jean Bertrand Aristide. Your editor personally knows a former member of Seal Team Six who was ordered into Haiti by 33rd Degree Freemason CFR-member General Colin Powell, to save Aristide from certain death upon the dictator’s overthrow and flight from the island.

In summary, before we Bible-believing White men jump to the conclusion that impoverished Haiti is solely the work of the immoral Black African Haitians, we must never forget the White Jesuit Order’s control of the country via its North American political whore, Washington, D.C.—”Rome on the Potomac.” If Haiti is ever to be free to prosper under a Black military dictator—the only form of government under which unsaved, Savage Blacks are forced to civility—it must break off all connection with the Jesuits, the very secret society of wicked White men now ruling the world via “Rome on the Tiber.” This should in fact be our prayer for Haiti: deliverance from the power of the Devil through belief of the true gospel of the risen Lord Jesus Christ. The second part of our prayer should be Haiti’s deliverance from the damnable Temporal Power of the Pope by expelling all priests, including cutting off all diplomatic relations with the Sovereign State of Vatican City and its North American surrogate—Washington, D.C.—financed by the Pope’s Federal Reserve Bank in New York City.

Meanwhile we are going to be bombarded with a ceaseless plea to White Americans—presently financially broken—to give our monies for the suffering people of Haiti, suffering because of a man-made earthquake. Let us not be surprised that most of that money may well go into the pockets of George W. Bush and Bill Clinton—two most obedient Jesuit Temporal Coadjutors! ----Eric Jon Phelps, author Vatican Assassins..

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  1. U.S. tossed her out once, didn't we? This time (the prayer is perfect) will be the last time she is anything. Her end is around the corner when people expose her (nakedness) to the rest.

    There's is still an amount of pushing to be done before the wake-up, which, pray be right on time too. Bring matches.