Monday, January 25, 2010

Supreme Court Furthers Jesuit-Nazi/Fascist Agenda for U.S.

The U.S. Supreme Court has done it again. The Jesuits, ruling the High Court from Jesuit Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., has pushed 14th Amendment America one step closer towards a Fascist Military Dictatorship to be exclusively financed by the Pope’s cartel-capitalist, mega-corporations dominating Wall Street via the Knights of Malta. Since the Order’s Supreme Court has defined the powers of both the Legislative and Executive branches of American government by means of its unlimited, subjective and centralizing decisions since 1868, the Court possesses what is called “Judicial Supremacy.” This absolute judicial power (enhanced by the damnable “federal question jurisdiction” granted to federal district courts post 14th Amendment), clearly in the hands of the Company of Jesus ruling Washington, has been used over time to whittle away precious Common Law Rights of racially White, 14th Amendment American citizens (as well as all other racially non-White citizens) while simultaneously enthroning the Pope’s cartel-capitalist international corporations. The Court’s most recent decision has bestowed corporate supremacy upon Rome’s American-based, CFR-controlled, commercial monopolies over what remains of American representative government born out of the risen Son of God’s White Anglo-Saxon (English, Dutch-German) Protestant Reformation. The Pope’s “Holy Roman,” 14th Amendment, Corporate-Fascist, Socialist-Communist, American Empire (1868-Present) is now a de jure Fascist Military Dictatorship wedded to Wall Street—nationalized under the guise of a bipartisan (both Democrat and Republican-backed) “bailout” in 2008. Ralph Nader will have much to say about this judicial travesty, and rightly so, but he will never, no never, go to the source of the serial criminal rape of EXPRESSLY LIMITED, Protestant and Baptist-born, Constitutional government—the Devil’s Jesuit Papacy.

A review of TWO CASES mortally felling the Constitutionally-protected, inalienable, common law rights of White American Protestants and Baptists is most necessary if we are to grasp the gravity of the High Court’s decision rendered just last week. This may require subordinate explanations so please take time and slowly enjoy the read.

The First Case was the infamous Slaughterhouse Cases rendered in 1873—five years after the purported ratification of the 14th Amendment. The Court, in a 5-4 vote, overthrew Common Law Rights we American White men inherited from our White Anglo-Saxon Protestant forefathers. To secure these rights the heaven-sent, Protestant and Baptist-Calvinist, American Revolution had been ignited by Av1611 Reformation Bible-believing Samuel Adams, “the Grand Incendiary.” Adams had rightly contended American Colonists were being deprived of their Common Law Rights enjoyed by all English “Freemen,” he also stating the greatest threat to American Protestant liberties would be the Roman Papacy. After an eight-year war terminating in 1783, our victorious White Protestant and Baptist founding fathers ensured the protection of our hard-fought, God-given Common Law Rights in the addendum to the Presbyterian-Calvinist-inspired U.S. Constitution: that addendum was the Bill of Rights—an EXPRESS LIMITATION upon the powers of the newly revamped federal government first created by the insufficient Articles of Confederation. The Bill of Rights was authored by Baptist-Calvinist, non-Mason, James Madison—at the insistence of Virginia’s most influential Baptist-Calvinist preacher, John Leland. But the Court denuded the addendum’s limiting powers over the federals in Slaughterhouse. For it was decided that the “privileges and immunities” conferred upon all 14th Amendment citizens as of 1868, DID NOT INCLUDE English Common Law Rights originally secured by the “privileges and immunities provision” of Article IV Section 2 of the Constitution ratified in 1789. Associate Justice Stephen Field, a true American patriot and Av1611 Reformation Bible-believer, made his sublime and historic dissent accurately defining the holding of the Court to be an overthrow of the once federally-protected, “fundamental,” common law rights; in this case, the common law right to work for a living.

Slaughterhouse would serve as the new legal foundation for a series of successive cases redefining the Bill of Rights to be merely a “bill of privileges” conferred upon all 14th Amendment American/Roman citizens at birth. And these privileges, in their regulation by decisions of the Jesuit Georgetown University-directed Supreme Court, would vastly enlarge the powers of all three branches of the federal government. The president could now issue absolutist “executive orders” in time of peace, while the Congress, possessing the absolute powers of an English Parliament, could now regulate—via statute (however lengthy or obscure)—every action of its citizens in privilege limited only by decisions of the Court. When the Court will decide what is “Constitutional,” that opinion will not be limited by the intent of the founders clearly set forth in Jefferson and Madison’s Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions of 1798-99. Rather, what is to be deemed “Constitutional” will be controlled by the subjective (philosophical and religious) beliefs of the Justices. What was once a limited Calvinist Republic governed by law springing from the Av1611 Reformation Bible, is now an unlimited Jesuit Empire governed by the opinions of men—men secretly beholden to the “infallible” Pope of Rome via several ubiquitous and clandestine secret societies.

But to complete the power of federal despotism initiated by Slaughterhouse, all Common Law on a federal level had to be abolished. The once limited Protestant and Baptist-Calvinist Republic had been converted into an unlimited Jesuit Empire via the 14th Amendment thanks to the Radical Red/Black Republicans led by the wicked and ungodly Pennsylvania Congressman Thaddeus Stevens—”the old commoner” (socialist/communist)—who, for a job well done, was baptized into the Roman Catholic Church on his deathbed in 1868. The rights of the new American/Roman citizens of the new American/Roman Empire had been defined in Slaughterhouse in accordance with Roman Civil Law codified by Justinian, the Sixth Century Eastern Roman Emperor then residing in Constantinople. But there was still pervading a massive body of federal Common Law holdings securing Common Law rights on the federal level and therefore could be imposed on state levels. This body of law had to be overthrown. That day arrived on April 25, 1938.

The Second Case is the equally infamous Erie Railroad decision. The Supreme Court, led by apostate Northern Baptist and Rockefeller crony Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes, handed down another 5-4 decision at the height of the Order’s Great Depression induced by Roman Catholic short-seller, Knight of Malta Joe Kennedy. (Knight of Malta John J. Raskob suckered the average American to “invest” in the Stock Market during the “Roaring Twenties; Knight of Malta Joe Kennedy then crashed the market in October of 1929, making a killing for Rome.) While the suffering and starving people were distracted with the grand horse race between War Admiral and Seabiscuit, the Jesuits controlling the High Court ended ‘”the Lochner Era” (1905-1938) during which era several wonderful decisions were handed down securing Common Law rights from both federal and state infringement. All those magnificent cases were overturned on that day of infamy—April 25, 1938—, the day we White Anglo-Saxon Protestants and Baptists lost all federal protection of our Common Law rights. Those dear Common Law Rights so accursed by Rome included the basic Common Law right to work—to exchange our labor for property (money).

The following year in 1939, the first Internal Revenue Code was promulgated, subjecting all Americans to the socialist-communist, heavy and progressive, graduated Income/Excise/Privilege/Franchise Tax. The warning of Samuel F. B. Morse as delineated in his Foreign Conspiracy Against the Liberties of the United States (1835) went unheeded, the plot finally fulfilled. For the Jesuits, in accordance with their Counter-Reformation world government conspiracy, had robbed American White Anglo-Saxon Protestants and Baptists of their God-given liberties, no longer secured by the federal Constitution.

With BOTH CASES firmly in place, thanks to the absolute power (“judicial supremacy”) of the Supreme Court, the Jesuits could begin to effectively destroy the racially separated, highly moral, personally cultured, clean and neat, financially prudent, independently motivated and commercially productive White Protestant and Baptist Middle Class. Simultaneously, the Order would use the Court to protect and promote the building of the Pope’s American corporate monopolies. Cartel-capitalist corporations would steadily increase; White Middle Class peoples would steadily decrease. And the Jesuit Papacy’s dream of restoring the infamous Dark Age 13th Century would draw ever closer in accordance with the Devil’s “Mystery of Iniquity” (II Thessalonians 2:7).

On Thursday, January 21, 2010, the Supreme Court decided the Citizens United case. In yet another 5-4 decision, the Court removed any financial limitation whatsoever put upon corporations backing political candidates of their choosing. The majority “conservative” justices were all “New Right” Republican Roman Catholics, they being Chief Justice Roberts, and Associate Justices Kennedy (delivering the opinion), Thomas, Knight of Columbus Alito and Opus Dei Scalia. If there is now no essential difference between living breathing people (natural persons) and pieces of paper called corporate charters (artificial persons), then the ruling is just fine. After all, the Congress has been excise/income/privilege taxing individuals and corporations with the same income/excise/privilege tax, although at different rates, for the last 70 years. But if individuals and corporations are to be treated differently in the law, as was the case prior to 1938, this decision would be a crime! In all practically, it is a crime!

Obviously to all, this monstrous decision will benefit the Pope’s Fascist Fox News-backed Republican party—the party chosen by Rome to end every vestige of White American Protestant liberty with the imposition of White Jesuit Nazi/Fascism. But without the Slaughterhouse and Erie decisions, this wicked and damnable decree could never have been put upon a presently suffering American public—suffering as a result of cartel-corporate-capitalist, monopolistic, Wall Street fascists financing Communist Red China while serving the Jesuit Superior General, Adolfo Nicolas! -----Eric Jon Phelps, author Vatican Assassins-Wounded in the house of my friends

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