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The Temporal Eco Friendly Power of the Pope of Rome, the Papal deceivers

Recently the Caesar called for "ecological responsibility" this being another prime example of the Papacy being behind the false Gaia pagan religion to come and enforced by the Caesar's World Army along with local civilian eco soldiers/inspectors working for his Socialist-Communist-Marxist-Facist police state! None other than the Mystery Babylon Religion of Revelation 17 centered in Rome. Of course the Caesar will continue to be its new head under whatever new title and garments whilst based within his Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem. The Papacy now owning sixty plus percent of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount since the signing of the Oslo Accord in 1993 within the Roman controlled Sovereign nation of Washington D.C. All thanks to Jesuit trained, loyal Hofjuden, Sabbatean Frankist, Shimon Peres and company. The Caesar will then command the revived Babylon with its Jerusalem, Dubai and Mesopotamia Iraq combined. These being the spiritual, financial and political power of the World when the transference from West to East occurs shortly.

We saw the Caesar's Praetorian Guard, the Society of Jesus behind the front puppet show called the Copenhagen 15 Summit with Jesuit soldier, Ottmarr Edenhofer SJ. The COP15 also being tied into the Caesar's, Club De Madrid who's President is Socialist, Willem Kok the Minister van Staat of Netherlands. A treasonous tyrant working for the Caesar under his Dame of Malta and Order of the Golden Fleece, Queen Beatrix. A Queen who confesses to a Jesuit soldier by the name of Huub Oosterhuis SJ. The same Queen controlled by another Jesuit soldier by the name of Eduard Kimman SJ. Kok is a known member of the Jesuit created Bilderberg Group which was the brainchild of Knight of Malta, Joseph Rettinger. Kok is also part of Royal Dutch Shell, a tyrant of a corporation controlled by Queen Beatrix. We also see he's tied in with the Knights of Malta controlled Internationale Nederlanden Groep and banking. Kok claims to be an Atheist whilst secreting he worships Lucifer like all his Brethen. Kok and Beatrix have both committed treason on the Netherlands as they've continued to push the Lisbon Treaty for the creation of the European Union and its ratification. Therefore dissolving the Sovereignty of the region. A European Union being the desire of Jesuit solder, Alcide De Gesperi SJ. The base location of Club De Madrid is none other than Madrid, Spain. Just as the headquarters of the Union for the Mediterranean is located within Barcelona, Spain. This all ties back to the Spanish Inquisition and the Farnese Papal Nobility bloodline behind the creation of the Society of Jesus itself and of course the Spanish Monarch. King Juan Carlos being a descendant of Elizabeth Farnese whilst holding the title of 'Protector of the Holy Sites of Jerusalem'. A member of the Egyptian born, Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem along with the crusaders known as the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. The Monarch of Monarchs within the Roman Empire with direct contact with both the Superior General of the Society of Jesus and the Arcana Arcanorum Rite of Atlantis made up of the Papal Nobility Sacred Roman Empire families.

One World Religion

All based on a hoax climate problem in order to bring about the Caesar's, Temporal Power over the Globe. A document called 'The Iron Mountain Report' created in the sixties by the Special Study Group is key to this deception. A deception recently proven by whats now termed as 'ClimateGate.' Temporal Coadjutor, Edward Kennedy played his part in the creation of this very 'The Iron Mountain Report.' A report claimed to be a hoax but in fact proven over these later years to be totally correct. No wonder Lyndon Johnson supposedly wanted the report suppressed when it was leaked. Remember how he was sworn into Office on a Catholic Missal rather than a King James I AV1611 Bible. Lyndon working under Cardinal Francis Spellman was well connected in the Knights of Malta assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963. Lyndon was also controlled by Jesuit soldier, John O'Connor SJ. Remember the U.S President serves the President of the Jesuit Conference of the United States, right now this is Thomas Smolich SJ. The U.S President also serves the Jesuit Provincial of Maryland currently James M. Shea, SJ. The U.S President is further subordinate to both the Archbishop of Washington D.C currently Donald Wuerl. Last but not least the Caesar of Atlantis, Timothy Dolan who recently replaced Edward Egan as the boss of the Church of Rome and Knights of Malta in the region. Whats also interesting was the throwing around of the Luce family name in regards to this document. The Luce family are very high level Knights of Malta who were obviously connected to its head, Cardinal Spellman at 'The Powerhouse,' St Patrick's Cathedral in New York City. The Luce's were some of the highest conspirators in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

The United Nations was created in 1945 by the Caesar's, Knights of Malta commanded by the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem. Incidentally the United Nations has both these tyrant orders with a status of 'Permanent Observer.' The Knights of Malta stemming from the Crusades whilst the Sepulchre stemming from the Equestrian Rites of Egypt--if the truth is to be known. The Knights of Malta are the Super Government for the Papal Bloodlines controlling the World from Borgo Santo Spirito. Borgo being the home of the headquarters of the Superior General of the Society of Jesus. It also houses the World headquarters for the Society of Jesus called the Curia Generalizia being the dragons head. Not to mention the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta, Scottish Rite and more. The divine dragon known as the Vatican has its true head placed within the sovereign missile protected, Borgo Santo Spirito. The Holy See since 1964 has had Permanent Observer Status within its U.N.

Disarming the White Population (in the instance, White Roman Catholics of Roman Catholic Louisana) is THEE prelude to the Order's Black-on-White, Masonically-led on both sides, Race War/Civil War II here in 14th Amendment America. The Blacks have been given approximately FORTY TRILLION dollars in government welfare and handouts over the last forty years and thereby have grown into huge, lawless, illegitimate/bastard (70% born of fornication and adultry), savage populations in every major Amerian city. Defenseless, the Whites will then run into the arms of their protectors, the Jesuit Order's Department of Homeland (Romeland) Secutity to be subject to Pope Benedict XVI's fascist military dictator commanding NORTHCOM, as of this moment, General David Petraeus.

This video goes into gun confiscation in great detail. The Iron Mountain report explained

And the book

So as the Caesar blames the people for the Earth's problems he purposely forgets how its his cliques who destroy the rainforests and do everything in their power to pollute and profit tied to the likes of the Knight of Malta controlled, International Business Leaders Forum and alike. So be very aware of the likes of these Habitat conferences taking place wishing to steal your property from underneath you in order to protect mother Earth. In truth the stealing of your homes will be so they can dictate where you live and who with. They want at least fifty percent of the private property in the next decade alone then the remainder then on. You're about to be totally enslaved within the new unholy Roman Empire and its next economic credit system which effectively makes the entire globe a prison without bars. Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor Alex Jones is right in calling the world a "prisonplanet!" A system once again controlled by International Maritime Admiralty Law or Roman Civil Law applied to both land and sea today. The Romans perfected this and of which it is based on Roman Canon Law. The Catholic priests have taught both Justinian Roman Civil Law and Canon Law side-by-side at the University of Bologna for centuries. This dominates all laws and its controlled by 'The Greatest Merchants on Earth,' the Knights of Malta, all of which Roman Law is, of course, symbolized by the fascis—a bundle of sticks with an axehead protruding—the symbol of judicial authority within the Roman Empire. An Empire controlled by the sacred twelve Roman families of which the five most powerful are Orsini, Farnese, Somaglia, Breakspeare and Aldobrandini. The latter openly boasting of being the Nephilim "giants" of Genesis 6:1-4 when amongst Noble elites they control.

All I'll say is beware of a false pagan inspired document created in 2007 on October 9th. This was very much tied to the British Monarchy in particular. The document is known as the 'Green Bible' as they love to call it. It's taken from a false bible called the 'New Revised Standard Version (NRSV).' The only true Bible is the 'Geneva Bible' of 1560 or 1599 from John Calvin & John Knox. The Bible of the Reformation carried by Oliver Cromwell and the Puritans before him. This is why the Jesuits and their puppets like the false British Royalty wish to destroy the Bible and they've released hundreds of false bibles/texts in its place. The same British Monarchy or Moon Arches should we say that are fully controlled from 114 Mount Street, Ambrosden Avenue, 46 Francis Street, 58 Grove End Road & 150 St George's Road all in London. See how this false pagan document was printed on 'Forest Stewardship Council' paper controlled by who? None other than Order of the Garter, Prince Charles! A most devious tyrant who hides himself under veils unlike his relatives. The FSC's base in the United Kingdom is non other than Llanidloes in Wales of which Charles is the Prince of. Now study the Pontifex Maximus's ties to the Green Bible. Of course the Forest Stewardship Council was present at the Jesuit Copenhagen 15 conference.

Pope Benedict XVI: we must all go green to save the planet

The Truth Shall never be defeated..

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