Friday, November 20, 2009

55 post of truths and only one follower, we surely live in the land of cowards

If you tell the truths which your research has shown you, backed up by court documents, Congressional Globes, Annals and Records of Congress, the very evil Council of Trent, the documents of the Council on Foreign Relations, their brothers in the Trilateral Commission, The Cannon Laws as written for the Vatican via the Council of Trent, the many Commercial Codes which subvert the Constitution, the many non ratified Constitutional Amendments, The very Communist Manifesto put beside the Bill of RIGHTS of this great land of Freedom and Opportunity proves your case hands down, The filthy invention known as Evolutionism by the Jesuit, hands the fake wars like the "cold war", the orchestrated WWI and WWII, the fallacy of the Korean war, Vietnam, and now these newest Papal Inquisitions into the Middle East, you shall be black balled from working, telling the truths will make you pay, not only do "Friends" abandon you, so will your own flesh and blood, you are Mister Persona non Grata, you are rejected, you have threatened their illusion, you are isolated..For wanting to live in a nation of Men, who would not stand for these acts of conspiracy against the LAW of these lands, the SUPREME LAW which grants us FREEDOM.. Shame on you all, your cowardice will haunt you forever !!!

The Apostle Peter says in Galations- DO I BECOME YOUR ENEMY BECAUSE I TELL YOU THE TRUTH ?

" A man does what he must--in spite of personal consequences, in spite of obstacles and dangers and pressures--and that is the basis of all human morality." ---John F. Kennedy.

Murdered in the House of His Friends, just as Jesus Christ was done, for Chastising the Temples Money Changers...And other offenses by JFK, such as threatening the Popes CIA, IRS, and releasing these two cretins of their duties, Knight of Malta and 4th Vow Jesuit CIA director of the Short Robe Allen Dulles, and Homosexual Director of the FBI J. Edgar Hoover..


  1. If I sit still and be quiet the wolves won't eat me.. STUPID SHITS !!!!!!!

  2. The Father said there would days like this; not about having one follower but their minds will be left to their own lies. And they got a lot of people to follow them... the ones laid back in the recliner with the remote.

    Maybe they know more than i give them credit for but at some point, welfare is going to stop and we'll see just how lazy people really are.

    Some people have been too indoctrinated to see their way clear or too damned scared to fend for themselves.

    Some are just plain fed up and keep saying ok and bobbing their heads up and down. They don't know why, either. That's the shame of it; what has been done to them - on purpose.

    I guess people think it's just words the vhateican uses. what a pity they can't see nor hear nor speak. Is it the distance between them and God that does it? Must be. They could ask...