Sunday, November 8, 2009

Are we one bullet away from national chaos


It is the purpose of the Jesuit Order now ruling the world—via the Papacy and Illuminized Freemasonry into which every monarchical family has been absorbed—to bring down the remains of what was once White Anglo-Saxon-Celtic/Scotch-Irish, Protestant and Baptist America with its Protestant/Presbyterian U.S. Constitution and its Baptist Calvinist Bill of Rights. Every characteristic that contributed to the establishment of the greatest Gentile nation in world history—”these United States of America,” as founded in 1787 upon the AV1611 Reformation English Bible and the First Great Awakening preached by Whitefield and Edwards—must be set at naught and destroyed. The Order considered Protestant America to be a “heretic nation” and its Protestant Constitution, a “document of Satan.”

Suppressed and Extinguished by Pope Clement XIV’s Bull in 1773 and formally recognized by Pope Puis VII within America’s borders in 1805 during the presidential administration of Illuminatus Thomas Jefferson, the military Company of Jesus set out to begin to destroy this heretic nation from its military fortress, Georgetown University situated in Washington, D.C. Its first plan of attack would be to use the Order’s protector, King George III, to launch another war of subjugation against White Protestant America with the War of 1812. Again, God intervened for his Bible-believing, White Gentile, spiritual seed of Abraham with a series of providential acts as was the case during the Revolutionary War (1775-1783). Foiled in its first attempt to submit our Federation of Sovereign American States to the British Crown subject to the Black Pope, the Jesuits considered America to be a “missionary nation,” thus bringing tens of thousands of fanatical, pro-Temporal Power, Irish Roman Catholic immigrants into the Northern cities, the Irish, for the most part, refusing to live among the Blacks of the South. Thus began the sectional division of the country in addition to the anti-slavery agitation that arose in select Northern cities rife with Jesuit intrigue. The Order’s use of Queen Victoria and her Jesuit privy council commanding the departure of eight freighters a day from Irish ports loaded with meats and vegetables resulted in the death of over one million Protestant and Catholic Irishmen, now called “the Irish Potato Famine” of the 1840s. Because of this deliberately created famine, more Irish Catholics flocked to America’s Protestant shores and were enlisted into the Democratic Party—a markedly anti-Jesuit, anti-popish party targeted for destruction via civil war and the socialist-communist doctrines of Freemason Karl Marx, Illuminatus Horace Greeley’s overseas correspondent for the New York Tribune.

By 1861 all was in place to disrupt Washington’s Calvinist Federal Union of “these” United Protestant States of America in accordance with the Black Pope’s Counter Reformation Council of Trent. The election of Lincoln was the trigger. The War of Northern Aggression was a war on the manhood of the White race—South and North, the Protestant and Baptist culture of the Old South and our AV1611 Reformation Bible-based, Constitutional, Theocratic Republic. By June of 1865 over 600,000 White men lay dead from Florida to Pennsylvania. The abomination of the socialist-communist Reconstruction (1865-1877) that ensued would give rise to the first Ku Klux Klan whose chaplain was a Roman Catholic priest, Father Jacob Ryan. Worst of all, martial law imposed by the radical Red/Black Republicans over the South would result in the forced ratification of the 14th Amendment on July 28, 1868, reversing the “origin and character” of U.S. citizenship, making said citizenship “paramount and dominant” and State citizenship “subordinate and derivative.” This new citizenship, in fact, created a wholly separate and distinct New Nation—the Black Pope’s “Holy Roman” 14th Amendment, Corporate-fascist, Socialist-communist American Empire. One of the Order’s most successful deceptions pulled on the bloodied, American White people was its refusal to give its New American Empire (to extend “from sea to shining sea”) a New Name. The old name will be maintained to further the illusion the original Calvinist Theocratic Republic had not been abolished. The form remained; the substance had vanished; viz, the Constitution, “modified and altered” by the 14th Amendment, remained; limited powers of the old Federal government in Washington had vanished. Ancient common law rights held by “American freemen” would be eliminated and replaced with only privileges granted from government, federal and state, this robbery having been first imposed by Nimrod of Babylon as Alexander Hislop stated in his 19th century masterpiece, The Two Babylons, pp. 50, 52:

“Though by setting up as king, Nimrod [now the Pope] invaded the patriarchal system, and abridged the liberties of mankind, yet he was held by many to have conferred benefits upon them, that amply indemnified them for the loss of their liberties, and covered him with glory and renown . . . he was the first that abridged the liberties of mankind as the grand ‘Emancipator!’ “

Another fruit of Rome’s wickedly anti-White, pro-Black Reconstruction overseen by Pope Pius IX was the incorporation of Washington, D.C., on February 21, 1871, the city now becoming “Rome on the Potomac” as described in AV1611 Bible-believing Justin Fulton’s Washington in the Lap of Rome, (1888). For over 100 years, the Jesuit Papacy would use its American Empire to fight the Pope’s crusades to impose his “Temporal Power”—beginning with Freemasonic President Andrew Johnson’s Indian Wars (1865-1890) to Skull and Bonesman President George W. Bush’s “War on Terror” (2001-Present). Once Rome had finished using its American Empire as the foremost contributor in destroying the “heretic” Orthodox peoples of Russia; the”heretic” Lutheran peoples of Prussia; two-thirds of the “perfidious” Jews of Eurasia; the “heretic” Protestant peoples of South Africa; the “heretic” Black peoples of Africa; and the “liberal” Latino peoples of Central and South America; the time would arrive for the just annihilation of the peoples and degenerate culture of “Africa-America.” Amalgamated, race-mixed, mongrelized, Africanized, nation-mixed, sodomized, demoralized, porn-addicted, bi-lingualized, socialist-communized, commercially cartel-capitalized, media and academically programed, drugged (both prescription and proscribed), robbed of our AV1611 Reformation Bible from public life (via the Jesuit Georgetown University-controlled Supreme Court imposing its atheistic, socialist-communist mantra of “Separation of Church and State”) and plundered by the Order’s Federal Reserve System as well as Rome’s cartel-capitalist Knights of Malta on Wall Street, suffering mass-murder on a grand scale by the American Medical (Murderers) Association pushing its unholy trinity of “cut, burn and poison” via unnecessary surgeries, human sacrifice (abortions), vaccinations, cancer treatments as well as torturous inquisitional diagnostic tests and treatments, including bypass surgeries (i.e., Jesuit Medica), the iniquity of us Americans—of all races—is “come to the full” and the national judgment of God is unfolding. That judgment will be implemented by Jehovah’s great second cause—Satan and his Company of Jesus ruling the governments and intelligence communities of the world. It appears we have been handed over to Satan for the destruction of our flesh due to our abandonment of God’s Word—The AV1611 Reformation English Bible—resulting in our tremendous national sin and ensuing divine judgment at the hand of the risen Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ, to whom all authority (Spiritual and Temporal Power) has been given in heaven and in earth (Matthew 28:18).

With the Jesuits and their Knights of Malta installing the Empire’s first openly mulatto, Freemasonic president (as Freemasonic President Warren G. Harding was a mulatto—and fiscally responsible at that, while opposing Rome’s League of Nations for which he was poisoned!), the nation is now ONE BULLET AWAY from “Civil War II.” That term, “Civil War II,” was coined by the nationally syndicated, CFR-controlled, pro-Black, anti-White, anti-Protestant, pro-Roman Papacy, American mulatto Tony Brown in his Empower the People (1998). The Order, via CFR/Trilaterist Knight of Malta William F. Buckley, Jr., had pushed for a Black American president since the 1980s and now its plot has been consummated. Barry Davis Obama (his natural father being, in fact, Black socialist-communist Frank Marshall Davis) was put into office through the power of Roman Catholic, pro-socialist-communist, Jesuit Temporal Coadjutors such as Zibignew Brzezinski, Edward Kennedy, Joe Biden, Chris Dodd and Nancy Pelosi as well as socialist-communist, Freemasonic, CFR-directed, papal “court-Jews” George Soros and Charles Schumer. Backed by 95 percent of the Black vote and the majority of the Jewish vote, Obama has given several of his appointments to notorious socialist-communist Jews (Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod) and socialist-communist Blacks/mulattos (Eric Holden, Van Jones), all the while his secret master being “White Devil” Joe Biden—that darling of the Jesuits holding honorary degrees from the Order’s St. Joseph University in Philadelphia and Scranton University in Scranton, Pennsylvania! Obama has furthered the pro-Black, anti-White, Union of Soviet Socialist American Republics (”Amerika”—first begun by FDR in 1933 with his $500 billion New Deal backed by Catholic University of America) complete with 32 “Czars” (FDR had 12) overriding the Constitutional power of the Congress. These socialist-communist outrages against the White Middle Class of every religious and philosophic persuasion, these Stalinist outrages, including the damnable, anti-White, pro-Black Health Care Reform Bill and the recently passed anti-Reformation Bible Hate Crimes Bill, have racially divided the nation into White “Christian” and Black “Muslim” factions in preparation for the Order’s coming Race War—Civil War II—in the making for nearly 100 years and foretold by Freemasonic Black nationalist Marcus Garvey in the 1920s. The Order’s endgame for the Empire is in sight—Jesuit fascism composed of financially desperate, enraged Whites who have been hatefully robbed, raped and murdered by the 75% Majority Savage Blacks (as opposed to the 25% Minority Civil Blacks most of whom are Bible-believing Christians) for the last 60 years, and therefore driven into the arms of the philosophically ecumenical socialist-fascists directing the Order’s semi-secret Council for National Policy (CNP) and its mouthpiece, Fascist Fox News owned by that infamous White Gentile Roman Catholic Knight of St. Gregory, international media mogul, CFR kingpin, Rupert Murdoch. With this background, the following is worthy of consideration.

A few months ago, one of my advisers, Latino Brother-in-Christ James Glen Silva, informed me that his cousin had been told of a plan designed by the American Intelligence Community to assassinate Obama, the Empire’s first Sunni Muslim Commander-in-Chief. The murder, according to the old spy who considered the FBI and CIA to be in the “minor leagues,” would take place within two years of Obama’s first term. Michelle, wearing her “Black Widow Spider” dress on the night of Obama’s acceptance speech in Chicago, appeared to parade the sign that she would one day be a “Black Widow.” Again, James’ cousin was a nurse in a Texas hospital who was made privy to this information by an ex-spy who worked for an agency higher than the FBI and CIA. This old spy, now in his 90s, also disclosed that Barry would become president six months before the election, a plan which I suspected but did not believe. Sure enough, Obama was elected just as the old spy had foretold.

Yesterday a phone call was received informing me that a friend of the caller was a high Freemason having been informed of a plot to assassinate the foreign born usurper, President Barry Davis Obama. The design involved Texas members of the hatefully-racist, anti-Black, White KKK and other Klansmen in Georgia. I informed the caller that the Second KKK, as formed in 1915 at Stone Mountain, Georgia, was Freemasonic from its inception and ruled by Jesuits in Washington. The collusion between the hatefully racist, anti-Black, White Ku Klux Klan and the hatefully racist, anti-White, Black Nation of Islam is undeniable, remembering that Malcolm X publicly stated that the KKK and the NOI “have the same paymasters.” The Freemasonic commanders of both hate groups work together and both cults are imbibed with a furious hatred for the Jews, while secretly working with the Jewish Freemasons directing the Jesuit-led, Anti Defamation League—covertly created to cleverly incite anti-Jewish fury in North America! Further, both the Masonic FBI and the Masonic KKK worked together in the bombing of the Black Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, killing four “heretic,” Black Baptist, young girls in 1964, for which murder a White Klansman was recently blamed and sent to prison. Further, the Masonic FBI and the Masonic NOI worked together in the murder of Malcolm X in 1965, and that according to Malcolm’s late wife, Betty—who I believe was murdered by her grandson,”Malcolm,” on orders of the NOI. No wonder, both Elijah Muhammad and J. Edgar Hoover were high Freemasons and both were friends of the Jesuit Georgetown University-trained, multi-millionaire, paramount Washington attorney, owner of the Washington Redskins and Baltimore Orioles, Knight of Malta Edward Bennett Williams—another co-conspirator in the Kennedy assassination.

Therefore, if the Jesuit Order used a few of its Masonic agents within the KKK to shoot and kill Prince Hall Rite Freemason Obama, or rather shoot Obama’s double, this would incite a Black/”Muslim”-on-White/”Christian” race war—Civil War II—using the vast numbers of inner city, 75% Majority Savage Blacks (in contradistinction to the 25% Minority Civil Blacks) to murder as many Whites as possible. This would solidify the present unity between the 75% Majority Savage Blacks and the Roman Catholic Mafia-backed, Muslim populations in the major cities, which alliance would then seek out and kill all racial and religious Jews. The cities with the largest Jewish populations are first, New York City; secondly Miami/Florida “Gold Coast;” and thirdly Los Angeles remembering that all three cities have huge, Savage Black and Savage Latino gangs whose leaders are controlled by the Jesuits via Rome’s secret society cabal running the American Intelligence Community coordinated by the National Security Agency commanded by the National Intelligence Director, Oxford University Rhodes scholar Admiral Dennis Blair.

According to Jesuit Moral Theologians, “the ends justify the means.” Thus, if the “ends” can only be attained by the “means” of assassinating Barry Davis Obama, then Jesuit Superior General Adolfo Nicolas, at the advice of his ten Assistants in Rome, will issue the command. As was the case with President Kennedy, it may well be with President Obama “for the greater glory of god,” the god who sits in St. Peter’s Chair, Pope Benedict XVI. Meanwhile we “priests and kings” (I Peter 2:9; Rev. 5:10) within the Body of Christ need to seriously pray to our Heavenly Father in Jesus’ name that He would, by the power of His Holy Spirit, expose Satan’s grand design against us imposed by the perfidious Society of Jesus. Eric Jon Phelps


  1. Pope Benedictine XVI? This guy is creepy looking. I have never seen that 666 done like that - I know where he is from..., and going....

    har har. No fooin, he is sick, sick looking, sick in the head, body and soul. I think we need start laughing at it - Christ did. any of it - laugh at it.

  2. That is JPII. Of course we should laugh at it, I laugh my ass off every time I hit send or post. ha ha, these clowns need all the exposure we can give them..FUCKERS..