Sunday, November 1, 2009

Money and power

The guttless denier morons constantly attacking me reveal their profanity and ignorance when they don't have the guts or the brains to finger who runs the show and instead just fall back on attacking ideas and concepts. It's not Jews or Jesuits. It's power and money. Hmmm. Power is an abstract thought that reflects human memories of stronger humans abusing their strength to gain control. Nice try but you can't have abstract ideas about power without having humans to base them on. Secondly, the last time I checked, it wasn't tiny little pieces of green paper with dead presidents on them that ran the world and gained power through lies and trickery. So no, money doesn't rule. Anyone who engages in vague, poetic language like that at the expense of getting to well defined, specific language is a coward hiding something or they really are just too stupid to see the mistake they are committing. The monolithic conspiracy is reality, and it is the Ptolemaic blood lines controlling the jesuits and jews, who in turn control the Illuminati and free masonry.

The true ruling elite bloodlines of the World are the papal bloodlines, the Ptolemaic, These being Farnese, Orsini, Breakspeare, Somaglia and Aldobrandini. Ancient bloodlines of Rome which practice to this day Zoroastrianism and Mithras. These are the grey Jesuits in control of the Society of Jesus from the shadows. No longer do they show their blood within the open Order as of times of old. They put front commoners in the positions of Black Pope and White Pope thus staying out of the peoples eyes. This is also known as the Arcana Arcanorum Rite of Atlantis. And this group is above the The Society of Jesus (Jesuit Order)

This Order was created by the Papal Bloodline, Farnese family. Alessandro Cardinal Farnese commissioned Spanish Gentile and Knight of the Virgin, Ignatius Loyola who lived in the castle Casa-Solar in the Biscayan Provinces. A co-founder was a dreaded Borja known as Don-Francis from the upmost powerful Black Nobility, Borja family. The Order was created in 1534 during the reign of Farnese Pope Paul III, to destroy the Reformation and Saracens. Controlled by War Rooms within the Villa Caprarola in Lazio, Italy! They quickly became the world's most feared Order and eventually gained control of the Mithra faction of the Vatican. The Zoroathrianists had finally got their Mithra prize! The front head being the Superior General who at this present time is Adolfo Nicolás. Jesuits dominate almost all of the World especially the U.S & U.K with their powerbases at Georgetown University, 'Little Rome' D.C & 114 Mount Street, Westminster! Hitler, Himmler and numerous others highly admired the power, organisation of the Order of Orders. With the Papal Bloodlines as their shadow hierachy such as Farnese, Orsini/Maximus, Breakspear, Aldobrandini & Somalgia, they rule in complete darkness. But they are being exposed ! Thus they rush to the completion of their New World Order..

The Saturnalian Brotherhood The core of the control over Planet Earth's populance lies in ancient cults. These cults are still in existance to this day. Following the most ancient religions mixed with sexual worship. The main cults are the worship of the Planet Saturn (El), Moon (Isis), Venus (Lucifer) & Sun (Ra). Israel is located on the land formerly known as Canaan. Canaan was the most advanced post-deluvian civilisation on Earth. Outstripping both Egypt and Sumer in all areas. Now the center of trade, holy land and soon the Divine Dragon's open 'Latin Kingdom.' When the Luciferian Vatican moves from Rome to Canaan. These last two descriptions are the same group, the Society of Jesus and the Jesuit Order, the council of trent, the 4th Vow Military Vicars.. For Lucifer !!

One of the many ways they control those under them is with State Sponsored Terrorism all around the world, including the JFk assassination, and 9/11. The Jesuit ELders need to advance their agenda amongst the public. They know the public will not accept their agenda so they create a crisis. This crisis utilizes `fear' as the weapon which makes the public buckle up and follow the agenda. This is known as `Ordo Ab Chao' amongst the hierachy leadership secret societies, meaning `Order out of Chaos.' Its also known as problem-reaction-solution and the solution is always the Jesuit hidden agenda. Try to check out `Operation Northwoods' for more information. 9-11 was carried out by the CIA, British SIS & MOSSAD all working in conjunction under the orders of the Archbishop of New York and SMOM leader for the Americas, Cardinal Egan whos ultimately controlled by Jesuit Georgetown and Fordham Universities.

They also own and operate the worlds drug trades, Intelligence Agency Drug Running is becoming common knowledge. The true role of these organisations is the protection of the Western economies it's that simple. British SIS control all the agencies from the Pakistani ISI to MOSSAD to the CIA, remember on they created them all. British SIS are the leaders of the Global Drugs Trade which is simply a method of dumbing the people down whilst using cleaned up drug money laundered through the Stock Market companies to keep the economy going. Right now the Economy is in trouble and has been for a while. Notice the increase in drugs on the street at cut prices? Pioneer researchers in this field were Brian Downing Quig & Gary Webb, guess where they are now? In a wooden box, DEAD! Mike Ruppert has some excellent information on this subject.

Guess what, here we go again, they own this establishment also, The Order of Illuminati & New World Order. The Order was created by the Jesuits utilizing their sheep-dipped priest and GENTILE Adam Weishaupt. This creation was one of the biggest contributors to the Counter-Reformation. The Illuminati consists of The Council of 13 degrees of the Bavarian Illuminati, The Committee of 300, The Grand Orient, The Supreme 33rd degree Council & high level B'nai B'rith. All these are controlled by the Vatican and its Hierachy the Jesuit Order. Their Agenda is a One World Government/religion along with a microchipped enslaved and dumbed down population lacking any freedom just like when the Papacy openly ruled before the Reformation. The Pope will become the Universal Monarch controlling the world under orders of the Superior General from Jerusalem. The `Holy Roman' 14th Amendment American Empire will be its strong arm enforcer and eventually destroyed when their use is over.

And of course their power does not stop there, the Zionist Sabbatean Talmudic Masonic Labor Court Apostate Jews We hear all day long from when we were children that the Jews run everything. This is totally incorrect and it gets installed in the populations so the real shadowy ELders exposed above are smokescreened and the Jews take the blame. The Zionist jews of Israel are simply Freemasons and therefore subservient to the Superior General of the Jesuit Order. The U.S is controlled by The Jesuit Vatican and their Mafiosi. If Jews ruled the world then why does Israel need U.S permission to activate their nukes? Why does the Vatican own 60%+ of Jerusalem including the Temple Mount, thanks to Jesuit trained Shimon Peres and the Oslo accords? What gives the impression that Israel rules the U.S is simply because they are both ruled by the Council on Foreign Relations. This of course is controlled by the SMOM and ultimately the Archbishop of New York, Cardinal Egan. Why is it that when Sharon thought he'd annoy the Vatican that he simply gets ELiminated by `The Cup of Borgia' by Vatican spy's Peres & Beilin? Then Vatican lackies Olmert, Peres win the ELection and do as the Pope wishes. Peres was straight on a plane for the Vatican after winning!

Knights of Malta Economic Great World Depression The Vatican's Sovereign Military of Malta control all Finance & Banking. Banking along with yourself are controlled by Uniform Commercial Code (International Maritime Admiralty Law) which is based on Vatican CANON LAW. Your simply a Maritime Admiralty product due to being born of your mother's water from her birth canal. The ancient symbolism of Venus rules over business, the five pointed star. International Banking was created by the Vatican's Knights Templars which later merged with the Knights of Malta headed now by the 79th Grandmaster Matthew Festing who's subordinate to the Supreme Primate Pope and JESUIT Superior General Adolfo Nicolas. SMOM contains over 10,000 Knights and consists of around 50%+ of the Black "Venetian" Nobility.

As well their lust for world domination brings us to the ultimate goal. Big Brother Tracking & Monitoring The Jesuit ELders wish to lock the people into the biggest enslavement known far exceeding the dark ages when we were all once overtly controlled by the Vatican overtly. This time though they wish to know everything about you and your exact location 24/7 utilizing microchip implants and computer systems such as the BEAST in Brussells. You will see more and more ID card systems being brought in along with fingerprinting and iris scanning. Chips will be made fashionable and forced by certain employers. Its coming folks and once in you wont be able to hide. If you don't accept the mark then you simply will not be able to buy/sell etc and when the Jesuits have full control over everything on this planet you certainly will not eat with out being subservient to them..

You will no longer hear folks exposing them either, we will be dead..Of course their also behind the environmentalism, Marxism, Evolutionism, Communism, Islamism, Catholicism, and many many other dogmas. These people are wicked geniuses. They provided the worlds Nations with Agenda 21, which is a forty page document, via their United Nations to rule the world through genocide, starvation, vaccines, and murder. Most of the world has signed the treaty. In it your desire to have a child will be only by license if you are considered worthy of continuing. Ninety percent of all lands will be taken and given to the elites with out compensation. The eighty percent reduction number for humanity came from Agenda 21. That is what is meant by Sustainable Community for the 21st Century, One empty of mankind.. Nothing is being done to counter this Agenda.. Mankind is self destructing, good is evil and evil is good..

Does this expose suck, yes, But I am damn tired of these cretins getting off scott free constantly while mankind bickers amongst themselves about completely fabricated matters meant only to divide us. Politics, Religions, Environmentalism, Evolutionism, Racism all are the same thing, religious bunkum to cause hatred among peoples, genders and races.. They are behind it all folks..!!!! And a certain fallen one is helping them along... Money and power are motivators, not culprits. Greed has been one of their essential tools to acquire their massive elitist army of followers.. Many offerings of Kingdoms to these blind fools are at stake.. Only death awaits them instead.. I have no problem what at all fingering these cretins, Jesus did it, we all are supposed to do it.. Well by GOD I will do it, for I fear them not, their puny little cowards hiding behind their spy's, nothing more than slime balls...These thugs understand humans, and human identity models extremely well, thus they have divided us and we fight with one another attacking one each others personal identity's, identity's which we defend once attacked.. This blog is and example of this identity crisis..I am one of the few not bound by my personal indoctrinated identity, I recognize the deceptions of my programing and have broken through that matrix. This Jesuit strategy keeps us divided, while they win..


  1. GDM gutless denier morons trained to the maze - they run the same pattern even when massa changes the route.

    Bickering constantly just like they 'pose to and can't figure out why they come away frustrated - getting no place. Lost in arguing stupid points while foreigners take over everything.

    I just keep posting it, link to it, and keep repeating.

    Some have no intention of reading it. I tell em up front how much it sucks and i hated it, etc.

    Think of it this way; they don't have to believe any of it; it is happening with or without them. I really wish they would get it and come along. It's gonna last forever...

  2. The Lord himself has blinded many.. But the Lambs shall not be fooled..

  3. Frederick Copleston-Sovereign Jesuit of the 4th Vow was the first person ever to suggest using an alien invasion to unite the world.

    He invented the term 'conspiracy theory'.

    He is the most prolific scholar on modern Philosophy!

    If you don't believe me, go to any Border Books and Music or Barnes & Noble bookstores and look under the Philosophy section. Most the books are written by HIM! Hundreds of them!

    This is the main Jesuit that was in charge in the 1960s. I think he was beyond the Kennedy assasination as well. He was very close to Cardinal Spellman. Please look him up Eric and Craig!

    The whole Patriot movement and Conspiracy world was spear-headed by Copleston