Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Busted-The Pope meets with Satan

The Pope was caught on film in a meeting with Satan, it is apparent the Prince of Darkness is concerned about his time frame for the destruction of humanity, freedom, the Bible, and his temple in Jerusalem, he told the Pope he is damn tired of this nasty look he has endured for all these centuries and he wants his human body so he can screw every one in a more personal type kinky fashion. Satan wishes to physically chop off our heads and molest our children himself, he is getting tired of the Popers having all the bloody good times.. Hurry the fuck up Rat or I'll kill you and replace you he was heard to say before vanishing into his underworld cave system. Wow, that's got to be one pair of hot shoes to fill being the Pope, Ratzinger seems to be warming his hands during the momentous occasion..I hope readers appreciate the great lengths and danger I went through to get this photo, it was scary as hell..But I told you all those Vatican Hombres been hanging out with Satan..I told you so !


  1. Now, that was thoroughly discusting. True, tho.
    The Great Molester; we've seen your end...

  2. TYhe alien encounter, invasion, meeting will be the method of choice in order to bring about a one World Religion. There is no other way other than this in order to bring about a complete new religion. No major religion is just going to walk into one system without this. The reason being is in order to fool the sheople. The leaders of all religions are controlled by the Ptolemaic Papal Bloodlines but the people need to be fooled. Many have been so indoctrinated by their religious bounding that the Saturnalian Brotherhood have to now use something to crack their once powerful programming tool ready for the next. Remember that it is the Jesuits who control all observatories and information regarding space. Remember it is the Vatican corporation in charge of the World Council of Churches and Ecumenism movement. A majority will buy into this hoax when it comes down..

  3. Urinator of the dark, can't stand Sunlight that he worships? Right now she wants to see alieans, too. everyone should k(no)w!

    your also right; the media is ultimately responsible for "public" dis-information.

    coasst to coast am, was guy said he and his dad had teleported since the 40's. tesla stuff.

    what's with russia and all those tesla coils in the country side? I'd like to know what kind of amps. and voltages come off the arcs. It looks like static electricity.